maisons du monde babies room with green and yellow scheme -

7 stylish storage buys for children’s bedrooms

October 26, 2020

Storage doesn’t have to be boring, especially in a kid’s bedroom. These cute and quirky buys will add some real character, and function, to their space.

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Image: Dunelm

A tidy bedroom – it’s not much to ask from your kids, but for many, it proves an elusive thing to achieve and maintain. However, add a sprinkle of fun into proceedings, and a clutter-free, tidy room may just come as second nature.

Try these fun storage buys for your child’s bedroom to bring some excitement to tidy-up time.

Alix cabinet, £270, Maisons du Monde

maisons du monde babies room with green and yellow scheme -

Image: Maisons du Monde

This chest of drawers is perfect for a baby’s bedroom. Not only is it a fun, characterful design, but the smaller square drawers offer easier storage for baby-sized clothes.

Blake chest, £349, Nex

geometric chest of drawers - kids bedroom -

Image: Next

This geometric design is perfect for an older kid’s bedroom – we love the super stylish leather pull details too. Buy now from Next

Stige storage bed, £445, Interie

bedroom with trundle bed with shelving storage - kids bedroom -

Image: Interie

This cool trundle bed is perfect for a kids room, with a fun frame design that can be used to incorporate storage elements to add character and keep their favourite things close to hand.

Bygglek storage box, £15, IKEA

lego storage box - kids bedroom -

Image: IKEA

Is there anything worse than stepping on Lego with bare feet? This collaboration between Lego and IKEA should help the little ones store away their building bricks. These boxes can be used in playtime too to make houses and imaginary worlds. Buy now from IKEA

Bear and deer trunks, £20 each, Newbie 

bear and bunny suitcase - kids bedroom -

Image: Newbie

We love the idea of these character trunks used on top of a wardrobe for extra storage that will make your little one smile too.

Penguin and space rocket storage basket, £100, Beaumonde

penguin and rocket laundry basket - beaumonde

Image: Beaumonde


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