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Study spaces: 6 ideas for productive children’s bedrooms

September 4, 2020

Create a study area that not only inspires them, but doesn’t take the fun out of their bedroom.

 kids desk space in pastel bedroom - home office - good homes

Image: Maisons du Monde

Your child’s relationship with homework can really affect their attitude to school in general – and whether you’ve found that there’s more home schooling on the cards in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, or you’re just looking for a dedicated space for your little ones to tackle homework or get creative, there’s plenty of ways to adapt their bedrooms to include work space.

Our biggest tip – keep it fun. Homework may be an undue source of stress for your kids, so creating a happy space should be your first thought!

Define a study space

nautical kids bedroom with desk - home office -

Image: Maisons du Monde

Plenty of children will do their homework at the breakfast bar or at the kitchen table, under the watchful eye of their parents, but if there’s going to be a more significant amount of study from home for your kids, creating a dedicated space will not only help avoid distractions, but define the school day. 

If creating a desk area in their bedrooms, don’t limit it only to school work, but ensure that when it comes time to study, it’s clear enough to provide a productive workspace for concentration.

Create an ergonomic set-up

adjustable desk from nubie kids - bedroom home office -

Image: Tilting adjustable desk, Nubie Kids

Children’s furniture can be very cute, but sometimes style prevails over function. Having good ergonomic furniture is important for a grown up office, so why not for kids. A comfortable set-up will help wonders for concentration, and be a real benefit to your child for studying from home. 

Think office chairs on castors, stand-up sit-down desks, all adjustable to how your child like to work.

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Opt for the bunk bed desk

bunk bed desk in bedroom - home office -

Image: Parisot sleeper bed with desk, Cuckooland 

This classic kids room set-up is perfect if you need a dedicated desk in a small space. Kids love a bunk bed, and you can really get the most out of a floor plan by placing a desk underneath.

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Clear the floor

fold up bed in kids bedroom - home office -

Image: Modular bedroom furniture, Go Modern 

Or, for an alternative way to make the most of a kids room, how about a Murphy bed? These pull down beds can help clear space for study or play, offering super versatility that your child will love.

Hide away storage

kids desk to dressing table in bedroom - home office -

Image: Nubie Kids

The key when placing a study space in a bedroom is to not have the room take on negative connotations. Only have the desk operate as a study space during school or homework hours, and clear it away at the end. Out of sight and out of mind, they’ll be able to enjoy their room fully even if it doubles up as school sometimes! 


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