6 sleep tech gadgets you need to invest in

September 9, 2021

Struggling to get your forty winks in? You’re not alone – many of us have admitted to not getting the recommended eight hours sleep, and this has only got worse during the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. However, all is not lost. As the nation’s sleep-deprived individuals only increase, inventions in sleep tech are becoming more prevalent.

From night lights and specialist sound systems to diffusers and apps, we’ve rounded up our favourite sleep tech innovations so you can enjoy a restful night…

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1. Night light

Think these are just for children? Think again! As the ultimate goodnight and wake up companion, the Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 creates a gradual sunrise and fading sunset to help you get the best possible nights sleep.

Its features include ten sounds to help you get to sleep and wake up, a non alerting low blue light system to help you wind down ready for bed, and a light sensitive auto dimming display.

The light is designed to improve your mood, energy levels and productivity from the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep. Ultimately, it creates an environment that means sleep will come easily, naturally.

Man asleep in bed with sleep tech Lumie light on night stand

£99.99, John Lewis

2. Infrared blanket

We all know comfort is key when getting into bed, so making sure you have a good mattress and plenty of blankets is important, particularly as we head into the cooler weather. A blanket worth investing in is the new infrared sauna blanket from MiHIGH.

As more of us are making both our physical and mental wellbeing a priority, this blanket will do more than enable you have a comfortable night’s sleep. The infrared will help to trigger and release chemicals that provide a calming and mood-boosting effect on your body. Inclusive of the likes of dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins which are known to alleviate stress and can facilitate enhanced sleep.

Woman relaxing in bed underneath infrared blanket sleep tech


3. Ear buds

Nightbuds are the ultimate solution to creating a peaceful sanctuary within your mind to enjoy better sleep and relaxation. As tiny, sleep sensing headphones, they work with an app to intelligently look after sleep. Audio is naturally one of the most effective, impactful ways to help disconnect and wind down and these enable users to listen to their own audio, be it audiobooks, podcasts or music, to relax and unwind in their own way. The smart nature of the Nightbuds means they automatically fade out as you fall asleep, bookmarking where you left off so you can carry on the following day.

The Nightbuds utilise Kokoon’s sleep coaching technology within the app, to monitor your sleep and provide personalised insights and recommendations for you. You can also use it to create your own audio escapes, should you prefer something more calming before bed than your Spotify playlist.

Man and woman asleep in bed together with sleep tech


4. Spa-like aesthetic

When do you feel most relaxed? For us, a spa environment is the epitome of a restful experience, so by bringing elements of this into your sleep routine, you are bound to feel more ready for sleep. The Atomiser from Aromatherapy Associates is a revolutionary water diffuser which has a powerful yet ultra-quiet air compression. You have five choices of pure oil blends straight from the bottle, which allows you to switch the blend and alter the scent of your space depending on your mood.

This diffuser is an investment in sleep tech and promises to transform your home into a relaxing space for the long-term.

Aromatherapy Associates diffuser with essential oils on wooden surface


5. Pillow talk

Sometimes, sorting out your sleep pattern can be as simple as making sure you have the right pillow. While comfort is a priority, sometimes an extra boost can help ensure a good night’s sleep is on the cards. The Slumberdown CBD inflused pillow is infused with a unique blend of CBD oil, aloe vera and lavender which helps to reduce anxiety and stress, giving you a rejuvenating sleep all night long.

CBD sleep tech pillow on bed with neutral grey and white interior

£16.99, Amazon

6. Soothing sounds

Create a calming environment with the ultimate sleep tech accessory. Delivering calming and room-filling sounds to block out any exterior noise pollution, the HoMedics Deep Sleep Mini is perfect for helping you to switch off and rest. It has four sleep therapy sounds and three noise tones – white, pink and brown, to help you get a great night’s sleep.

Even better, the device is portable so if you’re someone who struggles to get off to sleep when you’re away from home you can take it with you to help you relax.

Sleep tech sound system on unit with houseplant, books and coaster