bathroom tiles in pantone's colour of the year 2021 - illuminating and ultimate grey

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021: how to style it in your home

Pantone has announced its Colour of the Year for 2021, but it’s not just one this year, it’s two! Find out what they are and check out our styling ideas.

Bed with yellow sheets and grey throw - pantone colour of the year 2021 -

Image: Furniture Choice 

The colour forecasting experts at Pantone have made their prediction for the colour that will define 2021, but this time around they’ve decided that two colours will set the tone for the coming year.

So what are the shades for 2021? Introducing Ultimate Grey and Illuminating – a classic grey and yellow combination. The duo both represent things that Pantone believe are much needed in 2021. Ultimate Grey signifies stability and resilience, while Illuminating brings joy and energy – two much needed qualities after the year we’ve had!

Grey and yellow is pretty tried and tested and when it comes to interiors it’s something that we’ve seen a lot of in recent years. In fact, we picked it as one of the biggest interiors trends of the last decade.

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That said, if you’re a huge ‘Grellow’ fan, this announcement gives you full permission to go in on this colour combination in your home. Here’s some of our favourite ways to use the trend.

pantone colur of the year 2021 - ultimate grey and illuminating -

Image: Pantone 

Energetic wall colour

benajin moore accent yellow wall colour - pantone colour of the year 2021 -

Image: Benjamin Moore

A colour like Illuminating could be overwhelming for a wall colour for a whole room, but we like this feature design created in Benjamin Moore paint. Feature walls are due a comeback in our opinion!

Vibrant desk chair

wayfair draws with grey and yellow doors - pantone colour of the year 2021 -

Image: Wayfair 

Grey and yellow sit so well next to each other that you could invest into (or DIY) furniture with grey and yellow doors. This design from Wayfair is brilliant for a child’s or baby’s room.

Accent upholstery

grey sofa with accent yellow footstool - pantone colour of the year -

Image: Arlo & Jacob

A yellow sofa may not be an investment you’re willing to commit to, but go for a classic grey with an Illuminating footstool and you can adapt your space in the future if you grow tired of this trend. We love this set-up with Arlo and Jacob’s Zachary corner sofa.

Statement furniture

yellow kids bed - pantone colour of the year 2020 -

Image: Cuckooland

Where you do decide to use a grey and yellow combination, yellow can make for striking statement furniture. We do really love this trend for a kid’s bedroom as the perfect balance of fun and calm, and this bed from Cuckooland could be the ideal centrepiece of your scheme.

Geometric style

yellow and grey tiles in a bathroom - pantone colour of the year 2021 -

Image: Original Style

Grey and yellow seems to suit this geometric style perfectly. This year, Original Style have matched their Tile of the Year with Pantone’s colour predictions – we love this combination made up from individual Victorian floor tiles.

Accessories edit

grey and yellow bedroom accessories - pantone colour of the year 2021 -

Image: French Bedroom Company 

The great thing about choosing two colours for this year is that you’ve got a readymade palette to explore in your home. This bedroom scheme, created using French Bedroom Company accessories, showcases an easy way to use yellow and grey together.


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