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Luxe vs less: Christmas decorations

November 27, 2019

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve put together a list of luxury and budget versions of Christmas decorations to inspire your festive shopping.

luxeforlessopener - luxe vs less: christmas decorations - shopping -

Image: B&Q

We’ve pulled together some of the best statement pieces, alongside their bargain dupes, so that you can decorate with flair on a budget.

Bauble wreath

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Images: Paperchase/Habitat


The Anngarsk bauble wreath from Habitat is super fun and eclectic! It has a fun purple, blue and orange colour scheme that will add a festive feel to your front door. It’s priced at £30.


We love this bountiful wreath from Paperchase for just £15! It has more baubles on it than the Habitat one, whiile the colours will suit any rainbow theme perfectly.

Stag ornament

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Image: Dunelm/Sainsbury’s


Whether you decide you want to decorate your table, hallway or living room with a stag ornament then this one from Dunelm for £20 is gorgeous!


We love the brass effect of this stag ornament from Sainsbury’s and what’s better is that it only costs £10.50! Decorate it by hanging baubles from its antlers.

Faux Christmas tree

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Image: Lights4fun/Dobbies


Invest in a great quality faux, like this 7ft frosted mountain spruce from Lights4Fun for £279.99. It arrives in 3 separate parts with branches hinged for easy assembly.


This year Dobbies are selling an artificial Balmoral pine Christmas tree for just £119.20! It’s a bright emerald colour with a soft, irregular outline that looks extremely realistic – bargain!

Champagne Christmas bauble

champagenbottle - luxe vs less: christmas decorations - shopping -

Image: Amara/Poundland


Get in the festive spirit with a champagne bauble from Amara. There’s no better motif for celebration than champagne. It’s priced at £15 and has a gorgeous glitter and pink design.


Bag yourself a fabulous silver champagne bauble from Poundland for just £1! It also comes in gold if you’d prefer a warmer colour scheme.


nutcrackers - luxe vs less: christmas decorations - shopping -

Image: Gisela Graham/Debenhams


Is there anything more traditional than a nutcracker at Christmas time? We think not. This decadent nutcracker from Gisela Graham is £37.95.


For under half of the price, you can grab a traditional red and gold nutcracker ornament from Debenhams. Priced at £15, this glittered ornament would look great greeting guests in a decorated hallway.


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