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Sustainable swap: plastic-free Christmas crackers

October 30, 2019

As John Lewis announces plans to make its festive crackers more eco-friendly, we look at how you can make a sustainable change for Christmas 2019.

fill your own christmas crackers from hobbycraft - shopping -

Image: Make your own Christmas crackers, Hobbycraft 

This week, both John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose announced that as of 2020, its Christmas crackers will no longer include plastic toys or be decorated with plastic glitter as they look to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics and make their Christmas ranges more environmentally friendly.

Crackers may only be a one-time-a-year extravagence, but when it comes to improving our sustainability, every little helps. If you want to make a green choice when it comes to Christmas crackers this year, here’s what you can do.

No-plastic crackers

nancy and betty luxury pinecone crackers - shopping -

Image: Luxury Pinecone crackers, Nancy & Betty 

Certain luxury crackers already can already boast that they’re plastic-free, including these stylish Pinecone crackers from Nancy & Betty, which you can pick up at the likes of Liberty. The crackers and gifts inside are made exclusively from metal, wood and paper, and including mini-presents such as pencil set, die, eggcup, jam, grater, honey drip, scoop, whisk, tea bag and golf tees.

Fill your own crackers

john lewis fill your own cracker range for christmas - shopping -

Image: John Lewis & Partners 

John Lewis & Partners may not be ensuring all its crackers are plastic-free until 2020, but they already offer ‘fill your own crackers’ that you can put your own gifts into. M&S and Dunelm also offer similar ranges.. now just to decide what you’re going to put in for each dinner guest!

Cracker gift ideas

fill your own crackers gift ideas from little crafty bug -

Image: Little Crafty Bug

Looking for inspiration for more eco-conscious gift ideas to fill your crackers? It can be an expensive to shop for personalised presents for your guests, but we discovered a little treasure trove of gift ideas at Little Crafty Bugs – from a cuppa for a tea addict to mini plaques that can double up as tree decorations.


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