Written by Laurie Davidson

5 designer radiators for a cosy home

Designer radiators come in all shapes and sizes – vertical, bench-style, trend-led and traditional. Choose one of the latest designs that are both practical and pleasing to the eye…

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1. Warming wall art

Adorn your radiator on the wall as you would a piece of artwork or decorative mirror. Look for different materials and textures, and work with the size of your wall – a tall slimline design works well when you’re short on space but still need optimal heat output.

decorative vertical radiator in ceramic finish

Ceramica Pavia radiator, from £1,442 at The Radiator Company

2. Seamless style

If you’d rather your radiator blend in with your décor, opt for a design in the same colour as your walls or that matches your artwork, frames or even a gallery wall of mirrors.

mirrored radiator that blends in with the decor

Campaver Select radiator in mirror finish, £1,644 from The Radiator Centre

3. Twist on a classic

Easy to fit under windows or shelving, a traditional column radiator offers a smart look and is ideal for those with period homes. These designs have vertical pipes set two to or four columns deep – the more columns, the higher your heat output will be.

traditional column radiator in black against leaf print wallpaper

Cirencester Column radiator, from £150 at Rutland Radiators

4. Form & function

This handy bench radiator is great for narrow hallways as it has a handy bench seat. The column design features a solid oak top and is not only practical, but comes in a range of modern colours and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that’s right for your space.

bench radiator for hallway with wooden seat and horizontal columns

DQ Bench Column Seat radiator, from £496 at Just Radiators

5. Colourful radiators

Have fun with your radiator and opt for a bold colour, metallic finish or funky shape. Bisque offers a colour-matching service, with over 2,000 colour options, so you could match your radiator to your wallpaper or kitchen cabinetry.

colourful radiators with colour-matching service from bisque

Classic radiators in a range of colours, from £386 at Bisque

Heating tips

  1. Choose between a radiator that is plumbed in (making use of the hot water and controlled as part of the central heating system) or an electric design that uses mains electricity.
  2. Getting the right size radiator for your space is key. Calculate its BTU (British Thermal Units) online at plumbnation.co.uk/heating-calculator to find out the heat output of your model.
  3. If you’re striving to lower your home’s carbon footprint, as well as looking out for energy efficient radiators, make sure you have a cosy throw to hand rather than cranking your heating right up when the frost hits.

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