Washing machines: 10 of the best buys for 2023

We guide you through the best washing machines on the market for smart tech, energy efficiency and family-friendliness.

Investing in a quality washing machine is worth it’s weight in gold in the long run. Much like a cooker or fridge/freezer, washing machines are an essential part of modern living, so making sure you have a reliable and effective appliance is vital. Scroll down to clue up on the washing machines you need to know about…

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1. Voice control

Hoover’s H-WASH 500 is a 14kg model perfect for large families. It’s A-rated for energy with a 1400rpm spin and features smart tech that enables you to operate it via Alexa and Google Home. You can even store garment images and washing labels in a virtual wardrobe with the hOn app, which suggests the best programme to use as well as get advice based on a photo taken of the laundry in front of the washer. Order yours, £579.99, Currys

Photo: Hoover

2. Speed queen

The iQ700 washing machine from Siemens is a 9kg 1400rpm model that comes with plenty of features to suit your needs. Speed up the washing cycle with varioSpeed or pick one of the fast 15, 30 or 59 minute programmes. Use the Home Connect app to monitor settings, start a load and receive notifications when your wash is finished or control it with your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Pictured below, £799.

Siemens washing machine next to artificial plant

Photo: Siemens

3. Anti-bacterial

For professional washing results at home, Haier’s A-rated 9kg I-Pro Series 5 comes in White or Graphite and connects with the hOn app for a variety of smart features. It has an exclusive anti-bacterial treatment, a Direct Motion Motor with lifetime guarantee and a 1400rpm spin. There’s also a Smart AI Cycle to automatically detect the amount and type of laundry, adjusting the settings accordingly, as well as steam injection to remove stubborn stains. Order yours, pictured below for £479.

Washing machines built in utility room

Photo: Haier

4. Sustainable option

Beko’s A-rated B5W51041A RecycledTub™ washing machine reduces plastic pollution by using up to 60 recycled bottles in the production of its tub. This 10kg model has 1400rpm spin speed and AquaTech technology, which uses the power of water to replace vigorous drum movements for a quicker, more gentle wash. It also has a steam setting to reduce creases and can wash a full load in just 28 minutes. Pick up yours for £449.

Woman loading washing machine from wicker laundry basket

Photo: Beko

5. Energy and water efficient

The 9kg A-rated H8 W946WB UK model from Hotpoint guarantees immaculate cleaning results while saving up to 65% energy, 59% water and 30% detergent thanks to its innovative GentlePower technology and Auto Dose. Its clean water recirculation system evenly sprays water and detergent from the top of the drum onto the laundry instead of releasing inside the drum before being heated. It also features an Anti-Stain programme, steam cycles, a 1400rpm spin and it comes in Silver or White. Pictured below, £519.

Grey washing machine in utility room

Photo: Hotpoint

6. Quick wash

A 9kg A-rated washer with 1600rpm spin, Candy’s Rapid’O is Wi-Fi connected so you can control and monitor its progress through the Simply-Fi app. A Snap & Wash feature gives programme suggestions from the app by taking a photo of the laundry in front of the appliance and it has nine speedy cycles to tackle a load in less than 60 minutes. Choose from white or graphite finishes to complement your kitchen. Pictured below, £449.

Colourful minimalist utility room with washing machines

Photo: Candy

7. Anti stain

A 9kg 1400rpm model, the WAV28EH3GB Series 8 from Bosch has an AntiStain Plus system to remove 16 of the most stubborn culprits, including chocolate, grass and red wine. The machine automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement and soaking time without any pre-treatment. It also has i-DOS automatic dosing, a 4D Wash System with direct water spray and extra spin for a spotless wash, and it can all be operated remotely using Home Connect on your smartphone or tablet. Order yours, pictured below for £999.

Bosch washing machine artwork

Photo: Bosch

8. Time saving

The Indesit Innex BWA 81683X K UK washing machine benefits from one-touch Push&Go technology for time-saving laundry that doesn’t require you to change any settings. It has a 9kg capacity, 14 programmes including Eco 40-60, Wool, Rapid 30˚ and Delicates, a 1400rpm spin and a C rating for energy efficiency. It also comes with Water Balance Plus, which adapts the amount of water used according to the cycle’s need. Order yours for £319.

Washing machine in small utility room with hanging clothes and laundry baskets

Photo: Indesit

9. Super silent

When you want an ultra-quiet washer, Whirlpool’s 10kg 1400rpm SupremeSilence W8 W046WR UK washes laundry in near silence. It’s A-rated for energy and comes with 6th SENSE® technology to optimise water and energy use as well as AutoDose and WaterSave, which sprays water directly onto the laundry at the start of each cycle, saving up to 59% water. It has 24 programmes in total including anti-allergy as well as dedicated steam functions. Pictured below for £629.

Washing machine against marble wall with door open

Photo: Whirlpool

10. Touch control

Miele’s 9kg A+++ – 40% rated WER865 WPS is a top-of-the-range 1600rpm washer with MTouch control panel that allows you to choose programmes with a simple swipe or tap. It can be operated via a smartphone using the app or via Alexa voice control to pause and start the cycle. It also has WashAssistant to recommend the most suitable programme for each load plus AddLoad to add an additional item at any time during the wash. Order yours from John Lewis for £2,149.

Washing machine in industrial style space

Photo: Miele