Portable barbecue cooking burgers in a field of grass

6 Best Portable BBQs

July 17, 2019

Carry on grilling: Take the feast with you with the hottest offers in portable BBQs

Portable barbecue cooking burgers in a field of grass

Image: Gentlemen’s Hardware

Whether you’re heading to the park, planning a picnic or making for a campsite, there’s little to beat the taste of freshly charcoal-grilled food in the great outdoors.

We can’t promise you won’t burn the sausages, but at least these six deals in the best portable barbecues won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Gentleman’s Hardware Portable Barbecue, £39.99

Gentlemans hardware portable barbecue unfolded

Image: Gentlemen’s Hardware

It might not have the most gender neutral name but, that aside, there’s a lot to recommend the Gentleman’s Hardware Portable Barbecue, especially at this keen price. Eminently portable – it turns into a bijou suitcase – it might be small, but it punches above its weight, folding open to reveal a charcoal holder and stainless steel grill. You did remember the charcoal, didn’t you?

Weber Go-anywhere charcoal portable barbecue, £72

Weber go anywhere barbecue with lid on

Image: Weber

While Weber are a reliable and trusted BBQ brand, it can often be more expensive to shop directly with them. Instead, snap up the Weber Go-anywhere at a cheaper price elsewhere and spend the difference on the finest sausages known to man or woman instead. It’s a durable thing, both rust-resistant and weather-proof and comes complete with heat shield and charcoal measuring cup.

Barbecook Joya starter set, £93.39

barbecook joya table-top barbecue with food and tongs

Image: Barbecook

Cute it might be, but the barbecook Joya is also among the best table-top BBQs we’ve tried. Okay, it’s more of a novelty item than a real barbecue, and you won’t be throwing huge slabs of steak and vast racks of ribs on it. Instead, it’s more of a communal thing, complete with several sets of tongs so you can toss and turn your own food, rather like a Japanese teppanyaki grill.

Lotusgrill BBQ, £135

lotusgrill mini barbecue in red

Image: Lotusgrill

The Lotusgrill won such instant acclaim that it has spawned many a cheap imitator. The original is best, however, especially at a price like this. The joy of it is in the battery-operated fan which helps hugely in getting the charcoal lit and cutting down on the smoke. For the style-conscious, there’s a wide range of colours, and an optional fondue grill that had us at ‘melted cheese’.

Cobb Premier AIR

Cobb premier air portable barbecue

Image: Cobb

With its unusual looks – it looks like the king of thing a beekeeper might put on his head – the Cobb Premier is not your run-of-the-mill portable BBQ. The design isn’t just a quirk, however – it’s designed to light quickly and reach the desired temperature that much quicker as a result. That makes it fuel efficient, and as a bonus there’s a moat that you can fill with water for moisture or use beer or wine to add flavour to your food.

Primus Kuchoma Gas Stove, £148.71

Portable Primus Kuchoma gas stove

Image: Primus

While gas may not impart the smoky charcoal flavour that true BBQ fanatics love, it certainly has its adherents. The heat is consistent, after all, and simplicity itself to light. The Primus Kuchoma Gas Stove is a mid-range option that is superbly portable (it weighs just 4.5kg), allows close control of the heat and has a non-stick surface that isn’t worse than toothache to clean.

A great selection if you’re going camping and don’t want to lug a week’s worth of charcoal in your boot.


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