How to organise your bathroom

March 10, 2021

The expert advice you need to create an organised, tidy bathroom.

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From Instagram influencers to dozens of Pinterest hacks, organisation is on trend. Not only is this trend big because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but organisation is also thought to help relax us, and keep us calm. This is why it’s grown in popularity in recent months, as while the world is in chaos, we’ve developed a sense of control by keeping our homes organised.

The bathroom is a great place to start, since this is an area the whole family uses and can quickly fall into disarray if not organised well. Read on for some of top tips from Kane Hughes, interior designer at MyJobQuote to keep your bathroom as a peaceful sanctuary and reduce the chaos…

Up your shelfie game

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Many of you will already be shaking your hands saying ‘My bathrooms too small!’, but that’s no excuse! Compact bathrooms are easier to organise as there is less space to get too messy. Instead of spacing out, you work upwards to create an organised haven. Shelves add charm and height to your bathroom, but be sure to use baskets or jars for products as this is easier to keep organised. Two shelves is enough, with one for storing and one for bathroom accessories.

Ban old products

Once a bottle is finished, get rid! If you’re upcycling the bottle, remove it from the bathroom until it’s refilled or ready to reappear. If every member of the family leaves their empty toiletries lying around, it quickly becomes cluttered and looks a mess. Before you even start your organisation journey, it’s best to take everything out and get rid of anything that has expired, or is damaged. We recommend investing in uniform refillable bottles to ensure everything matches, and this is perfect if you’re sharing your bathroom with several other people, too. It’s also a great excuse to get some new labels.

Make use of your shower

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Your shower space has plenty of storage opportunities even if your bathroom as a whole doesn’t. But without good organisation, it’s easy for products to clog the area up, either on the floor or hanging from the walls. Use a shower caddy to keep products in one area. If you have young children, it’s also best to hang bath toys up in small mesh bags with a suction cup so they’re out the way.

Try out some trays

Use your bathroom counter space wisely and organise your mess into a tidy area. Trays will also save you time when cleaning the bathroom, as they can easily be wiped down for dust and put back. To maximise space in a smaller bathroom, you could also put small containers on top of the trays and store toiletries upright.

Invest in a towel ladder

Towel ladder, Kayu Home

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Towels are a necessary evil in the bathroom. When not hung or laid out correctly, they will always look messy.  By investing in a towel ladder this helps to eliminate the issue. Towel ladders have two sections for wet and dry towels and you can hang them uniformly. If you’re worried about fitting a towel ladder into your bathroom, attach it to the walls with hooks to maximise your space.

Drawer dividers

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If you’ve got drawers in your bathroom, these are often scattered and disorganised as everyone in the house shoves things in. Using drawer dividers will fix this problem; simply insert boxes or trays to categorise products. You could split them up by style of product, or by who in your home they belong to – whichever works for you.

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