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Bathscaping: how to pull off the latest bathroom trend

January 7, 2022

Bathscaping is the new buzz word in the world of interiors, so it’s time to look at some on-trend bathscape ideas. You may have heard of tablescaping, the art of styling a table, essentially to win Instagram, but what about bathscaping?

an industrial chic bathscape with steel bath and clay neutral colour scheme

Photo: Matalan

What is bathscaping?

Bathscaping is all about styling your bath area to create a haven of relaxation that is both stylish and functional. Put together a bathscape that ensures your must-haves are at arms reach and is an environment that inspires you to totally unwind and relax.

Bathscape ideas…

Create your bathscape by starting with the basics. Rather than having your bath mat on the floor, drape it over the bath to add texture and pattern to your space. A bath tray is a must for a successful bathscape, especially if you’ve opted for a freestanding bath that doesn’t have ledges to display objects on. No matter your interior style, plants are a must in a bathroom to make your scheme feel more alive and in touch with the outside world.

bathscape ideas for a bohemian bathroom

Photo: John Lewis & Partners

Style a beautiful bath tray

Investing in a bath tray is a great place to start if you’re trying out bathscape ideas. Accessorise with a flickering candle, sprigs of eucalyptus and of course a glass of your favourite tipple! Remember, a bath tray is also a great place to display your attractive bath products to keep things cohesive.

bathscaping a bath tray with pink and grey and plants

Photo: Dunelm

Boho bathscaping

Be inspired by this boho bathscape by Matalan. A rustic wooden stool is the perfect piece of furniture to accompany your tub and is the perfect place to display your favourite towel, mirror and bath accessories. Incorporate a coastal theme by picking up some beach-themed ornaments or motifs.

steel bath bathroom

Photo: Matalan

Minimalist bathscaping

If you’re more of a minimalist that cannot deal with any clutter in a bathroom, then check out this stylish bathscape idea. Keep things minimal by investing in key accessories to bring personality to your bathroom. A good quality basket to store your towels in, a Scandi-style bath tray and a matching dispenser and tumbler set are a good place to start.

minimalist bathscaoe ideas: pale pink bathroom wall, natural materials and cocoon bath

Photo: Amara


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