Santa's button as a gift for your child this Christmas

Get a personalised letter from Santa from

Give your child a magical personalised, handwritten and illustrated letter and many other gifts from Santa Claus this Christmas

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Santa's button as a gift for your child this Christmas

Dreaming of a Magical Christmas?

Santa Claus: The Book of Secret’s 2017 Christmas range has been lovingly put together with the aim of adding a little special Christmas magic and wonder to every household who adds one of our products to their home this festive season. has a range of heirloom gifts and Christmas decorations that are sure to make Christmas that little bit more special not only this year, but for many years to come for both you and the ones you love.

Many products in the range have been created using ideas and illustrations from the global hit Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets, which is of course available, alongside a range of stunning decorations, handpicked by a team of Elves to add a sprinkle of tradition and wonder to your festivities.

Santa’s Magic Button

“The spirit of Christmas is kept alive when Santa leaves his button behind”.

A truly magical way to ensure that your little one believes that Father Christmas has visited during the night! Leave the button in a place for them to find and enjoy the wonder and excitement that this ‘proof’ of a visit will provide.

Santa’s Magic Key 

A magic key from Santa Claus

A replica of Santa’s actual magic key, featured in Santa Claus: The Annual. This is the key that he uses to gain access to those houses without working chimneys on Christmas Eve. It is a large 7 inches long (18cm) and made from real gold metal hung on a velvet red ribbon.

Here is an extract From Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets explaining how hanging out a magic key on Christmas Eve will help Santa as he makes his way around the world:

”Each year I am allowed a certain amount of magic to use during the Christmas period, but once it is all used up, there is no more until the next year. It is like a battery filled with magic and, once the battery is flat, it no longer works. A lot of magic is used up in flying around the world and getting in and out of people’s houses. If you are able to leave a magic key hanging out for me on Christmas Eve it will save me from having to use up some of my vital reserves.” Santa Claus

A personalised letter from Santa

A handwritten letter from Santa Claus

Imagine your child, or grandchild’s face when they receive and open a REAL letter from Santa Claus! The magic of that experience will be one that lasts forever.

Due to our relationship with Santa and the Elves at the North Pole, we are able to bring you a limited quantity of this magical letter.

Computer printed versions are of course fine, but this letter is written and illustrated by hand and personalised to your child. Each letter is painstakingly written and illustrated by Santa in his office at the North Pole. Written in ink on a stunning hand made parchment paper, the coloured illustrations and gold ink bring this letter to life with a sprinkling of magic never seen before.

The Envelope is also handwritten and bears the authentic postmarks of the North Pole post office and is then sealed with a wax seal bearing Santa’s monogram and applied in the same way that they have been applied for centuries.

Order a letter for your child now to avoid disappointment, as Santa is only able to assign a small amount of time from his busy schedule to write letters for us. Letters will be posted out to reach you before Christmas (of course!) but we may have to ask you to be patient due to the work involved in producing each letter by hand.

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