Written by Jennifer Turner

Crown Paints reveals trending colours for 2021

Put the latest trending paint shades at the heart of your home with Crown Paints


  multicoloured rectangular paintings on a wall

Image: Crown Paints

More than just paint

Paint is so much more than just a colour we put on a wall. This is especially true when it comes to our interiors, where the way we paint our home and the colours we choose can form part of not just a look we’re hoping to achieve, but also a mood we’re trying to capture.

This is why trends change and shift, and why new colours come to market all the time. Crown’s three new colour influences for spring and summer 2021 capture different spirits and set the tone for the year’s hottest looks.

seat and footrest next to window and table with vase

Image: Crown Paints

Inside the colours

Drawing inspiration from the New London Fabulous Movement, Witty is a unique and vibrant range full of personality and quirks. The colours are optimistic and full of joy, with the likes of Powder Blue and Enchanted Ivy intended not just to promote a sense of wellbeing, but also to bring a smile to all those see it, at a difficult time.

Cocoon, by contrast, is intended to soothe and soften, using neutral tones such as Snowdrop and Spring Bud that make your home into a sanctuary. This is a range that looks to envelop you in security, with smooth edges that aren’t jarring.

seat and footrest next to window and table with vase

Image: Crown Paints

Fast forward

Despite the challenges we face right now, there is optimism in the air too, and Crown have drawn inspiration from Bauhaus design for Foresight. This is a bold and buoyant range that works well paired with geometric styles, whether it’s the warm yellow tones of Mustard Jar or the primary red notes of English Fire.

stylish seat and lamp, rug, crittall style doors and patterned painting on wall

Image: Crown Paints

Taken together, these three paint collections give you the freedom to tackle 2021 your way – with reflection, security and beauty.

chairs and seats in different colours, in front of red and pink wall


Image: Crown Paints

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