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Home fragrances inspired by Tuscany


Luxury home fragrances that encapsulate the essence of Tuscany. 

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Many perfumes and fragrances search all over the world for their ingredients, but this brand aims to bottle the smell of the beautiful Tuscan countryside they’re based in…

A Tuscan idyll

In Livorno, close to the Ligurian Sea, a family wanted to pay homage to the beauty of the nature that surrounded them. The evocative smells that they encountered as they ventured through the gorgeous Tuscan landscape inspired them. And so Acqua di Bolgheri was born.

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Encompassing house fragrances and perfumes, Acqua di Bolgheri takes its name from a small Tuscan village that is the quintessence of this celebrated region of Italy. The scents of their products are all natural and inspired by this area – notes of white musk, fragrant Bergamot, vivid citrus fruits, iris, Sangiovese grapes and more. Inhaling the aromas is like embarking on a journey to this corner of the world.

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An ethical approach

This line of Italian fragrances doesn’t just pay homage to nature, it respects it too. A number of stringent standards are in place to ensure the product is not just of a high quality, but also meets or exceeds various ethical benchmarks.

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The products are organic and without genetically modified ingredients. Nothing is derived from or tested on animals. Packing is renewable, recyclable and zero impact, the products dermatologically tested. All of which means you can add a divine scent to your home – or body – with peace of mind intact.

Bringing the scent home

You can recreate the timeless, classic and rich scents of the Tuscan countryside at home in various ways. There are perfumes for both men and women, but also a score of exclusive house fragrances that use rattan reeds to disperse their aroma wherever you choose to put them. Housed in stylish bottles with a porcelain cap, this diverse range will allow you to accent your home in whatever way you choose.

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To evoke Tuscany every time you open a drawer or wardrobe, opt for linen sacks that can be perfumed and hidden away, ready to delight you with their bouquet every day.

Find out more about the Acqua di Bolgheri story on their website and Instagram.

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