Written by Paisley Tedder

7 interior-inspired gifts for Mother’s Day

Show your love for Mum on 27 March 2022 by gifting beautiful homewares that she can admire all year round. After two years of scaled-back Mother’s Days, many will be looking forward to celebrating in person for the first time since 2019. Make the day extra-special with one of these Mother’s Day interiors gifts hand picked by the Good Homes team…

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1. Breakfast in bed

A quintessential Mother’s Day gift, a breakfast tray is a must-have if you’re lucky enough to still be under the same roof as your mama! This set from The Range makes the process even nicer with gram-worthy presentation to impress Mum. Embossed Hearts Round tray, £4.99; Mum breakfast in bed stationary kit, £3.14; Mummy bear conical mug, £2.49; Embossed heart side plate, £2.79; Hearts piece cutlery set, £9.99.

Breakfast in bed Mother's Day interiors inspired gift

Photo: The Range

2. All about tea

This stylish teapot is guaranteed to impress a mum with colourful taste! The animal print is perfect for the 70s boho trend sweeping the interiors scene this year and you can even pick up matching mugs and tray if you see fit! Pictured below: Mint leopard teapot, £39.95, Eleanor Bowmer.

Mother's day interiors gift mint green leopard print tea set

Photo: Eleanor Bowmer

3. Mix it up

We all know how busy mums can be, and these gorgeous bee measuring bowls will make baking an easier and more aesthetically-pleasing experience! There are plenty of other bee-themed items in the range if you’d like to get her the collection, too. Bee Hive measuring bowls, £10.99, Easy Florist Supplies.

Yellow bee measuring hive bowls Mother's Day gift on white boards

Photo: Busy Bee Hive

4. Dried blooms

Who doesn’t love a classic bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day? The trouble is, they don’t last long, so why not try a bunch of dried or preserved flowers instead? With a little TLC, dried flowers can look fantastic for years. Bunny tails are super on-trend at the moment, but Good Homes loves The Stem’s Lilac Blush everlasting bouquet, £25.

dried lilac bouquet

Photo: The Stem

5. Serve in style

If your mum is a baking lover, this board could be perfect! A place to display her cakes, biscuits or other goodies (homemade or not), personalised for Mum. It’s perfect for use on Mother’s Day if you’re having a family gathering, or otherwise we’re sure it’ll get plenty of use all year round. Amazon Handmade Personalised Wooden Serving Board, £28.99.

Mother's Day gift guide baking board with cupcakes on it

Photo: Amazon Handmade

6. Mummy mug

Simple and sweet, every Mum need a mug! Available in blue or pink, they make a perfect quirky gift from the kids to show their appreciation for Mum. If she’s lucky, she might even be able to enjoy the brew while it’s still warm! Mummy mug, from £15, Cornishware.

Pink and white mummy mug on white background

Photo: Cornishware

7. Quirky pic

Give Mum something to smile about with this quirky family portrait! These can be personalised to reflect your own family (including pets) and will make a great addition to Mum’s wall. Pictured below Family Portrait Canvas, from £24.99, posterhaste.com.

Mother's Day gift family portrait

Photo: Posterhaste