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Homeware picks to match your new star sign

With the zodiac dates shifting to reflect a new astrological age, time to embrace your new star sign in your home.

original zodiac birthday candle with personalised message - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Kindred Fires candle, Not on the High Street

NASA made a big announcement this week – and one that not every zodiac enthusiast is happy with. It seems that as 2020 marks a new astrological era, the earth’s relation to the constellations has shifted, and new date range for horoscopes has been revealed.

Some of the differences are quite large, so it may be that you find yourself under a new zodiac sign completely!

Take a look at the new dates below, and our interior shopping picks to help you embrace your new sign in your home.

Capricorn: Jan 20 – Feb 16

CAPRICORN POSTER from desenio - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Desenio 

Once late December to mid January, new Capricorns can bring their zodiac to the home with this star sign inspired wall art from Desenio?

Aquarius: Feb 16 – March 11

large Terracotta Striped Vase from rose and grey - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Rose & Grey

Water-bearer sign Aquarius has also shifted forward by a month – treat yourself to a new vase such as this one from Rose & Grey (if you need the excuse) to embrace your new water sign.

Pisces: March 11 – April 18

oliver bonas fish vase - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Oliver Bonas

If you’re born in March and April, there’s now a good chance you’re the Pisces sign. Get nautical with your interiors with a fish motif design like this Oliver Bonas vase.

Aries: April 18 – May 13

eco wire animal head ram from amara - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Amara 

Aries is a slightly shorter sign timewise than before, but embrace your inner ram with this wall hanging from Amara.

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Taurus: May 13 – June 21

Benton the Bull Footstool - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Red Candy

Taurus signs have a small overlap with previous dates. And how cute would this Benton the Bull footstool be in a kid’s room?

Gemini: June 21 – July 20

Club Wall Lamp Double from abode living - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Abode Living 

Shifting forward by an entire month, get to grips withthe dual aspect of Gemini with this stylish double-armed wall light from Abode Living.

Cancer: July 20 – Aug 10

Sophie Allport Crab Knitted Statement Cushion - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Sophie Allport 

Cancer is now truly a star sign for summer babies, moving into July and August. Pick up a nautical crab motif such as this cushion from Sophie Allport.

Leo: Aug 10 – Sept 16

Lion Wall Decor from Beaumonde - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Beaumonde 

Some brave Leos will keep their star signs with the astrological change. Lion-themed homewares are a little rarer than leopard ones, but we still love this children’s wall hanging from Beaumonde.

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Virgo: Sept 16 – Oct 30

hm vase of woman's body - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: H&M Home

Maiden sign Virgo has grown to nearly a month and a half long! This sculptural vase from H&M Home is a great way to honour your new Virgo status.

Libra: Oct 30 – Nov 23

wayfair kitchen scales - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Wayfair

What better way to celebrate becoming a fair and balanced Libra than with these stylish scales from Wayfair for your kitchen?

Scorpio: Nov 23 – Nov 29

Gold Animal Wall Décor Scorpion from audenza - - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Audenza

Scorpio used to run almost the entirety of November, but in the new Zodiac, it’s only 6 days long! Try this scorpion wall décor from Audenza to herald in the dawn of life as a Scorpio.

Ophiuchus: Nov 29 – Dec 17

Gold Snake Bookends from rockett st george - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Rockett St George 

Who now? A new 13th star sign has been introduced as part of the new astrological calendar. Ophiuchus has always been a constellation, but wasn’t previously recognised as one of the 12 zodiacs. The symbol for this sign is the serpent bearer, so this snake book end set from Rockett St George is a great way to welcome this new sign.

Sagittarius: Dec 17 – Jan 20

Arrow Brass Wall Hook from Mint & May - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Mint & may 

With a symbol of a centaur wielding a bow and arrow, this fun arrow hook from Mint & May is a stylish nod to being a new Sagittarius.


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