Written by Victoria Purcell

10 gift ideas for craft lovers

Take a look at these gifts for craft lovers, from crochet and embroidery kits to paper cutting, wreath-making and sculpture. Good Homes magazine has picked out 10 gift ideas for crafters and hobbyists who like to get creative over the Christmas holidays – all of which are under £50!

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1. Plant pot sculpture kit

For the plant-loving crafter in your life, this plant pot sculpture kit – which comes complete with a plant – is a great gift idea. The Sculpd pottery kit with Peace Lily (£45, Bloom & Wild) includes air-drying clay, white acrylic paint, glossy paint varnish, paint brush, metallic pen, a how-to guide and Peace Lily – an easy-to-care-for house plant known for its air purifying qualities.

craft gifts: plant pot pottery kit from sculpd x bloom and wild

Sculpd pottery kit with Peace Lily, £45, Bloom & Wild

2. Giant safety pin

This Giant safety pin (£24.95, Papermash) makes for a great ribbon dispenser, or stylish craft room storage for twine and washi tape. You can even use it hang tea towels and to-do lists from, to create a reusable advent calendar, or simply for decor. Made from iron, it measures 52cm x 6.5cm.

giant safety pin ribbon holder from papermash

Giant safety pin, £24.95, Papermash

3. Paper craft kit sculpture

This DIY paper sculpture kit is a great gift for craft lovers, especially fans of 3D paper cutting. The kit contains everything needed to create a cute neighbourhood scene and present it in a dome and display it proudly in your home, or give it as a gift. It’s an intermediate-to-advanced level kit, which should take around three-to-four hours to complete. 3D paper-cutting sculpture pot kit (£38, My Papercut Forest).

DIY paper sculpture kit from my papercut forest

DIY paper sculpture pot kit, £38, My Papercut Forest

4. Lobster crochet kit

Introduce a friend to amigurumi – the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small creatures – this Christmas with a crustacean crochet kit. This Joanna the lobster crochet kit by TOFT (£30 from Cloth Kits) contains everything you need, including easy-to-follow instructions, 100g of orange yarn, toy stuffing, a 3mm crochet hook, wool needle and a postcard pattern inside a reusable project bag. The finished lobster will be about 40cm long from claw to tail. lobster crochet kit from cloth kits

Joanna the lobster crochet kit, £30, Cloth Kits

5. Natural art kit

Create original fabric designs using plant dye paints, charcoal, wax resist and hapa zome (leaf dye). The kit contains a natural calico cotton banner, two cotton flags, five mini-flags for bunting, a metre of natural twine, dried beetroot powder, turmeric powder and spinach powder (to create natural red, yellow and green colouring), charcoal for black pigment, two paint brushes, a clear wax crayon, rubber mallet, and a drawstring bag to keep it all in. Natural fabric art kit (£24.50, The Den Kit Co).


fabric art kit from The Den Kit Co

Natural fabric art kit, £24.50, The Den Kit Co

6. Rope basket bag kit

A rope basket bag is a must-have accessory for summer. Designed for beginners, basket lovers and sewing enthusiasts, this Rope basket bag kit (£35 from La Basketry) contains everything you need, including a cotton rope, thread, needle and full instructions (although your crafty pal will require a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch). The project should take around three hours and will make a 32cm diameter bag.

Rope basket bag kit, £35, La Basketry

Rope basket bag kit, £35, La Basketry

7. Leather pencil pot kit

This leather Pencil Pot Kit (£34 from Artisans) is ideal for home workers who enjoy crafting in their downtime. It comes with all the essentials: Italian leather, tanned using vegetable extracts, needle and thread, the option to personalise, an illustrated guide, and a free leather keyring kit.

craft gifts: leather pencil pot kit

DIY Pencil pot kit, £34, Artisans

8. Spring wreath-making kit

Seasonal wreaths are springing up all over Instagram – not just the festive versions, but spring, summer and autumn wreaths too. This paper flower wreath-making kit (£24 from Not on the High Street) contains all you need to make a colourful mini spring wreath. It comes with easy to follow photo instructions guiding the maker through how to fold and curl pre-cut paper flowers. No specialist equipment is required, just a pen or pencil and some scissors or a craft knife.

Paper flower wreath-making kit, £24, Not on the High Street

9. Positive affirmations stamp set

This stamp set is a great gift for anyone trying to embrace positive thinking. The stamps are ideal for journaling, taking a moment to reflect and self-motivation. The crafting stamp set (£15 from John Lewis) contains six stamps and an ink pad.

stamping kit from john lewis

Crafting stamp set, £15, John Lewis

10. Cushion embroidery kit

For the keen sewing enthusiast or haberdashery hobbyist in your life, this charming cushion is a great gift idea. The Meadow sweet wildflowers embroidery cushion kit (£43.25, Hobbycraft) includes Mouliné thread, a printed Magic Sheet, a hemmed ready-to-sew linen fabric panel, embroidery chart with stitch diagrams, sewing instructions and a needle. It’s designed for intermediate level embroiders, and measures 40cm x 40cm.

wildflower cushion embroidery kit from hobbycraft

Meadow sweet wildflowers embroidery cushion kit £43.25, Hobbycraft