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Tumble dryers: 7 of the best appliances for 2020

Struggling to get your washing dry indoors? Invest in one of the latest high tech tumble dryers.

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Image: Miele 

Tumble dryers are appliances that are often seen as an additional luxury, but for some, they are a neccessity. Whether you live in an older property and struggle to get your clothes dry in the winter or simply want to speed up the drying process, invest in one of the latest and best tumble dryers with added technology to reduce energy usage and protect your garments from damage.

We’ve rounded up 7 of the very best of these handy appliances for 2020.

Samsung WiFi-enabled tumble dryer, £729.99, Curry’s

samsung wifi tumble dryer - 7 of the best tumble dryers - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Samsung

Dry your clothes and use less energy with the Samsung WiFi-enabled 9 kg Heat Pump tumble dryer. It uses heat pump technology – a more cost-effective way of drying clothes by using hot air to absorb moisture from your clothes. By using a lower temperature than conventional dryers to dry your garments, it offers them better protection. This means your clothes will look newer for longer!

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Hoover H-Dry 300 tumble dryer, £269.99, Argos

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Image: Hoover

This freestanding Hoover condenser tumble dryer features innovative technologies to enhance your clothes drying experience. Perfect for a large household, you can fit around 50 adult T-shirts in the 10KG drum. It also has clever sensor dry technology and a highly efficient reverse action drum. This tumble dryer comes with clever Sensor Dry technology, which monitors the moisture levels in your clothes and stops the cycle once they’re perfectly dry, meaning you won’t be wasting any energy.

Buy this Hoover tumble dryer from Argos

Indesit Eco-Time tumble dryer, £179.99, Argos

indesit eco tumble dryer - 7 of the best tumble dryers - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Indesit

This Indesit vented tumble dryer has a 7kg capacity for handling your household’s laundry load. Anti-tangle technology provides a reverse tumble action to ensure that your clothes dry evenly without tangling together. If you’re on the market for an affordable tumble dryer that gets the job done, this could be the perfect model for you.

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Miele TEB 145 WP Tumble dryer, £749, John Lewis & Partners

tumble dryer utility area - 7 of the best tumble dryers - shopping- goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Miele

Choose from a wide range of everyday drying programmes for use with a wide range of fabrics as well as specialist programmes with the Miele TEB 145 WP tumble dryer. This model is a heat pump dryer, which are much more energy efficient. Hot, humid air from the dryer is passed through a heat pump for re-use, conserving much of its heat and using up to 50% less energy.

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Hotpoint ActiveCare NTM1182XB tumble dryer, £549.99, Littlewoods

hotpoint tumbledryer model - 7 of the best tumble dryers- shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Hotpoint

Thanks to the patented ActiveCare technology, the Hotpoint ActiveCare tumble dryer reduces fabric wear out by up to 40%, minimising stress on your clothes, keeping them looking their best for longer. The clever anti-allergy function allows higher temperatures to remove bacteria and allergens from your laundry. Great for those that suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.

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Beko RapiDry tumble dryer, £499.99, Curry’s

beko tumble dryer- 7 of the best tumble dryers - shopping-goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Beko

On days when you can’t unload your laundry right away, use the Beko RapiDry tumble dryer’s automatic anti-creasing function. It rotates the drum periodically for up to 2 hours after the cycle has finished which keeps your clothes separated and helps reduce creasing. Heat pump technology also ensures it is as energy efficient as possible.

Buy this Beko tumble dryer from Curry’s

Candy Smart CSC8DF tumble dryer, £199, Amazon

candy tumble dryer - 7 of the best tumble dryers - shopping - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Candy

Power through the laundry pile with this great condenser tumble dryer from Candy. With an 8kg drum capacity, it’s perfect if you live in a medium-sized household, and is also rated B for energy efficiency. And, thanks to Smart Touch connectivity, you can set a start time from your compatible Android smartphone, browse new programmes and save your favourites, too.

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