Ikea Home Sanctuary trend: ‘Springtime is the perfect opportunity to hit refresh!’

March 2, 2021

Over the last year, we’ve become closer to our homes than ever before and seen them as an escape from the unpredictability of the outside world. Learn how IKEA’s Home Sanctuary trend can be incorporated into your space.

Image: Ikea

Three quarters of us believe our home has become our sanctuary during the pandemic and the place we have felt the most secure. This isn’t a surprise given the ‘stay at home’ rules that have been in place for most of the last year, leaving us with our homes as the only place to seek salvation. The sense of reliability they were able to provide in such a challenging time means our relationships with them will continue to flourish.

This relationship will be reflected in our decorating choices, and is why Ikea have selected Home Sanctuary as one of their biggest trends for SS21. Embracing neutrals, open-plan living and sustainability, the scheme focuses on rustic vibes and plenty of storage space. Keep reading for some of our favourite picks from the new range and how to style them in your home.

Multifunctional spaces

Image: Ikea

“Many of us have grown to know our homes more intimately during this unusual period, presenting us with a unique opportunity to adapt to new needs.” Interior Design Manager at Ikea UK and Ireland, Clotide Passalacqua told us.

“More of us are sharing communal spaces and working from home; with small space living providing challenges, but also creative opportunities. Multifunctional rooms and limited space demand separate areas to switch off and unwind, with flexible solutions removing clutter, and the negative impact it can have on our mental and physical wellbeing.” she continued.

The IVAR shelving unit with doors costs £77 and will keep your home looking sleek in neutrals whilst doubling up as a storage facility for anything you’d like to keep hidden and uncluttered.

An organised environment

Image: Ikea

It’s no secret that an organised environment reduces stress, increases comfort, and nurtures our minds. Popular 2021 trend Japandi, the Japanese and Scandinavian hybrid, lends itself to this with its elegant yet functional designs.

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These can be adapted to fit into cupboards you’ve already got, so layering up storage boxes like the Kuggis storage box with lid, £3, inside cupboards enables you to keep things organised.


Image: Ikea

The neutral tones in the Home Sanctuary style are created with authentic, natural materials. One great option for this is the LOKALT basket, made from banana bark rope. Not only is it sustainable and hardwearing, but it is also perfect for storing smaller items while keeping the natural, neutral colour scheme throughout your home.

Special keepsakes

Image: Ikea

While the home sanctuary concept may have appeared minimalist so far, this is not the case. A big part of it is displaying decorative items and memories, particularly those that evoke nostalgia and happiness. Surrounding ourselves with these objects is integral to our identity and helps us feel more comfortable at home.

Keep these on display so you can consistently feel the positivity these objects evoke with a glass door cabinet, and admire them daily. We love the fresh turquoise colour in this RUDSTA glass cabinet which enables you to fix photographs to the back, and place objects on the shelves ensuring they’re all in eyeshot for you to admire.

Take care of your treasures

Image: Ikea

How many times do you find yourself losing the most important things? From keys to credit cards, it’s always the essentials that go missing! Luckily those days are gone with the RÅDFRÅGA decoration set, £9. It’s ideal for your nightstand or coffee table, and the egg shaped holders will keep small objects safe and sound.

Make the most of your walls

Image: Ikea

Limited floor space doesn’t mean storage has to be difficult. Utilising the space on your walls is an easy way to combat this problem by using rails, hooks, organisers and bags. The Scandi style NEREBY hanging storage bags, £5 make it easy to have essentials ready and to hand. They’re made from a natural cotton-hemp blend so will go perfectly with a neutral colour scheme, whilst also being durable and adding rustic charm to your room.

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