one of the roomsets at grand designs live 2018 birmingham - best interior design shows 2019 -

Best interior design inspiration at Grand Designs Live 2019

November 1, 2018

From a plethora of home inspiration to architectural expertise from Kevin McCloud himself, we round up all the interior design ideas you’ll find at Grand Designs Live 2019

one of the roomsets at grand designs live 2018 birmingham - best interior design shows 2019 -

Image: Alistair Veryard 

Grand Designs Live isn’t just a must-visit for self builders and Kevin McCloud fanatics; it’s also a chance for avid interior designers and all those looking for home improvement inspiration to take a look at the endless decorating possibilities.

We round up the reasons the Good Homes team will be headed to 2019’s Grand Designs Live London show.

Free interiors advice on tap

interior design advice at grand designs live london 2017

Image: Aaron Scott Richards

A range of Interior designers and experts like Lynne Lambourne and Hugo Fleming, will be on hand to discuss your own grand design in free 30-minute consultations.

We recommend bringing your plans, sketches and budgets to get the most out of your session. Reserve your spot in advance to make sure you get chatting to these experts, or on the day, on a first come first serve basis.

The interiors roomsets and studio

the roomset winner at 2017's grand designs live at birmingham's nec

Image: Aaron Scott Richards

A range of interior stylists will bring their ideas and designs to life using colour, fabrics, light and patterns.

Easily accessible to visitors and are either in stock or online from current British retailers, manufacturers and designers, the roomsets are ktited out with fresh and attainable furniture and soft furnishings.

The roomsets competition takes place during the show, where our panel of judges and visitors alike to choose their favourite designs, followed by an announcement of the winner on the Grand Theatre.

The Smart Kitchen

siemens smart kitchen will be featured at grand designs live 2018

Image: Siemens

A new addition to the show, The Smart Kitchen sponsored by Siemens will showcase the latest innovations for one of the busiest rooms in your house.

Learn about the latest talk smart faucet which switches on and off using voice command, app controlled kitchen scales and an Alexa controlled coffee machine. We want it all already.

You’ll learn about the latest kitchen innovations in a series of 15-minute talks and presentations every hour demonstrating the featured products in the Smart Kitchen.

Grand Interiors Exhibitors

lighting stand exhibitor with colourful wallpaper, modern lighting and various tables and chairs at grand designs live 2017

Image: Aaron Scott Richards

Whether you’re looking to kit out a brand new home or simply want to update your decorating schemes, you’ll find everything you need to create a modern and stylish interior in the Grand Interiors hall.

Browse the aisles packed with beautiful products from individual designers and hundreds of items that are not readily available on the high street.

For more information and to book tickets, visit Grand Designs Live’s official website

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