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66% have ‘copied’ their neighbour’s interior décor

Something look familiar about your next door neighbour’s interior style? A new study finds that, chances are, they’ve taken inspiration from your home..

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Image: Cult Furniture 

If you ever invite the neighbours round to your home, they could well be using the visit as an excuse to steal some interior style tips for their own abode, according to a new study from My Job Quote.

Polling over 2,000 UK homeowners, it found that 66% of people admitted to copying interior ideas from their neighbours’ properties.

What do they copy?

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Image: Havwoods

As your neighbours often have similar style and size houses, you might think that floor plans and room architecture would be the most copied ideas, but actually, it’s furniture and décor. Of those that have taken ideas from their neighbours’ homes, 72% admitted to copying furniture, while 57% stole colour scheme ideas and 53% opted for similar gaden furniture.

How do you feel about it? 

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Image: Cult Furniture

If you’re thinking about copying a neighbour’s style, you might want to consider how the other party will feel on discovering your copycat design. It’s a game of two halves – while 67% said that they’d feel uncomfortable knowing someone had copied their style, 54% said they’d be flattered. It’s clear it depends on your relationship with your neighbour, but if in doubt, talk to them about your intention to take inspired from certain elements of their home beforehand.


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