Written by Jennifer Turner

Discover the UK’s first eco-friendly water softener

Lose the limescale and battle waste with Harveys new environmentally conscious water softener.


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Those who live in hard water areas already know the blight of limescale. Shampoo, soap and shower gel are harder to lather, taps and surfaces that comes into contact with water are harder to keep clean, and kettles get furred up on a regular basis.

That’s not the end of the story, however. A new study by Harvey Water Softeners highlights the huge environmental impact of hard water.

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Image: Harvey Water Softeners

Waste not, want not

Limescale build-up increases the emissions of households using electric heaters and gas boilers, and those houses with softened water have a markedly lower usage – 23.8% for the former, 17.8% for the latter. With about 13 million homes using hard water, that’s a lot of energy waste.

One solution would be to convert those homes to softened water, slashing the limescale deposits that block pipes and boilers, and by doing so improving heating efficiency. Harvey Water Softeners have developed the new HarveyArc softener to help people do just that.

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Image: Harvey Water Softeners

The soft approach

The HarveyArc delivers all the benefits of the rest of their range of softeners – less build-up, more bubbles at bath time, kindness to skin, reduced bills – but saves energy in other ways too.

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Image: Harvey Water Softeners

It cuts down on tonnes of landfill with a cabinet made of 62% recycled plastic waste, while the latest metering technology measures every drop of water used. The HarveyArc is also non-electric and saves running costs and energy use by only regenerating when it needs to. This product, the first of its kind in the UK, is another victory in the war against hard water – an issue that the study estimates causes an extra 8.24 million tonnes of Co2 emissions every single year – and every little counts.

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