Written by Hugh Metcalf

Where to buy these nostalgic Moomin art prints

These sketch-style prints of the beloved cartoon characters make the perfect addition to a stylish children’s bedroom.

Children's room with moomin sketch wall art - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Desenio 

Remember the Moomins? The characters have been around in several guises for almost 75 years, meaning they cross generation upon generation, however, you’ll probably know them best from the cartoon series Tales from Moominvalley which was a bit of a phenomenon back in the 90s.

Well, the Moomins are still much-loved all over the world and now online print brand Desenio has launched a collection of wall art prints featuring these mythical creatures.

Child's bedroom with moomin wall art prints from desenio - goodhomesmagazine.com

Image: Desenio 

The collection features 14 designs, capturing the charm of the original ilustrations through sketch-like drawings. We think these designs would be great for a chic children’s bedroom as they combine the trend for line drawing in wall art with whimsical characters that kids will love.

Desenio Moomin Characters No2 wall art print - goodhomesmagzine.com

Image: Desenio

The range is available to shop now from the Desenio website.


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