Written by Sara D'Souza

COAT paint launches collaboration with Laura Jackson

It was a bold move to start a company in a pandemic, but for hot new eco-friendly paint makers’ COAT, it’s one that’s paid off. Carbon-neutral COAT is the brainchild of founders Rob Abrahams and Rob Green, who have built their brand ethos around quality, simplicity and their seriously beautiful curated collection of colours. COAT x Laura Jackson is their latest collaboration, and it’s a match made in interiors heaven.

As the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the revolutionary Glassette, broadcaster and founder of lifestyle brand Hoste, Laura is renowned for having the best taste and has an innate knack for making style beautiful and accessible. For the COAT x Laura Jackson collection she’s created a chic exclusive six-colour palette inspired by a recent 24-hour trip to Paris.

Laura says she ‘wanted to create a timeless palette that perfectly represents that feeling of wandering around and finding indescribable inspiration in Paris. There’s colour everywhere you look in the city but it’s always simple and effortless.

‘The colours, and the whole city, transcend trends – being steeped in history and yet timeless in their longevity. My COAT x Laura Jackson edit brings to life the feel of my most loved and memorable spots in Paris, as a totally unique colour palette that I believe will be able to go in any home.’

To figure out your shade of choice, all of COAT’s colours have 100% accurate peel-and-stick swatches (which create 95% less waste than tester pots). COAT are also the first and only UK paint brand to receive B Corp Certification. This major accolade has been awarded thanks to the net positive company’s progressive social and environmental practises, including a 360-degree closed loop recycling system.

Introducing the COAT x Laura Jackson colours

1. The Tobacconist

The Tobacconist is such a chic, feel-good colour and one that certainly will make a statement. The deep bronze-green has a warm yellow undertone and feels soft and inviting. It’ll look great paired with a neutral scheme.

Dark green shades create a cosy atmosphere in the Laura Jackson x COAT paint collaboration

Photo: COAT

2. Café Flore

Café de Flore is a stalwart on the Parisian cafe scene, opening its doors on the Boulevard Saint-Germain in 1880 and celebrated for its famous clientele of philosophers and artists. It’s the inspiration and namesake of the COAT x Laura Jackson paint shade Café Flore, a mid beige that’s mixed with tones of yellow and green. To keep it neutral pair with Bookstore or for a bold look, pair with deep green.

Subtle paint tones in the kitchen are warm and inviting

Photo: COAT

3. Pablo

COAT x Laura Jackson’s Pablo is a bright and clean neutral that really lifts the room, thanks to very subtle lilac undertones and its pale putty shade. This colour is named for, you guessed it, Pablo Picasso, who was a regular Café de Flore.

A putty tone for the Laura Jackson x COAT paint collaboration

Photo: COAT

4. Voltaire

French writer, philosopher, historian, poet and freedom fighter François-Marie Arouet, was known as Voltaire and is the inspiration behind this paint shade. The kind of super versatile warm white that can really be used anywhere, you could also pair with rich colours, like deep taupes or oranges, and browns.

This rich warm paint is one of the six in the Laura Jackson x COAT paint collaboration

Photo: COAT

5. Brasserie Brown

Brasserie Brown, with its deep brown with purple undertones, just spells Paris. Think holing up in a rich wood panelled cafe, with a beef bourguignon and a glass of merlot and feeling like the only people in the world. Perfect.

Brasserie Brown gives the feel of beef bourguignon and a glass of merlot

Photo: COAT

6. Bookstore

Bookstore is a gorgeous uplifting neutral, that has hints of yellow and green. It’s a flat matt, so is super smooth and will look great with natural accessories.

Bookstore from the Laura Jackson x COAT paint collaboration is the a warm off-white

Photo: COAT