Written by Paisley Tedder

Britain’s favourite bakes revealed

We’re a nation of sweet-lovers, from our obsession with afternoon tea to the millions of us that tune into Bake Off every year. As we head into autumn, it’s time to don our aprons, dust off our cookbooks and power up our mixers.

But which of Britain’s favourite bakes holds the title of number one? The experts at Baking Mad have revealed the results of their survey with Allinson’s, Billington’s and Neilsen Massey…

Britain’s favourite bakes

The British public (4,700 of them anyway) have had their say, and it’s time to reveal Britain’s favourite bake!

In first place the humble Victoria sponge takes the crown. It’s no surprise, given the simple yet delicious combination of moist sponge, rich cream and fruity jam. Not to mention its namesake is one of the longest reigning British monarchs.

In second place comes a tie between both chocolate brownies and chocolate fudge cake, with each receiving 12% of the votes. Given our reputation as chocoholics, both of these would carry a lot of weight with the Good Homes team.

Chocolate chip cookies and lemon drizzle cake narrowly missed out on the podium spots with 11% and 10% of the votes. Moreover cinnamon rolls, carrot cake, cupcakes and rocky road all gathered a respectable number of votes but didn’t quite get the support required to hit the top spots.

Finally, banana bread, which became a bake to unite us in 2020, finished bottom with just 6% of the votes. After all that we consumed last year, it’s hardly a surprise that people want to leave the recipe in 2020. However, we’re sure we’ll bring the recipe out again if we have brown bananas languishing in the fruit bowl in the months to come.

Here’s the list of Britain’s favourite bakes in full:

  1. Victoria sponge: 16%
  2. Chocolate brownie: 12%
  3. Chocolate fudge cake: 12%
  4. Choc chip cookies: 11%
  5. Lemon drizzle cake: 10%
  6. Cinnamon rolls: 9%
  7. Carrot cake: 9%
  8. Cupcakes: 8%
  9. Rocky Road: 7%
  10. Banana bread: 6%

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