Keep your kids occupied in your outdoor space this summer with these fun ideas.

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Running out of ways to keep the kids occupied? With the school holidays following hot on the heels of the lockdown, research from Smart Energy GB reveals seven out of 10 parents are concerned that this year the summer holidays will be harder than usual.

Check out these garden ideas for kids that will give you plenty of inspiration for action-packed afternoons in the garden.

Make a bee hotel

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Image: Annabel James

Building a bee hotel is a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon in the garden and now’s the perfect time to do it. Children will love the idea of doing something to save the bees, while crafting a hotel from scratch is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Essentially it’s a box made of wood and bamboo canes hollowed out to different diameters to accommodate all bees whatever their size. 

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Make a sun dial

Making a sun dial is a great idea for the whole family. Little ones will learn numbers while seeing them change, while older kids can learn about finding North and how we move around the sun. All you need is a sunny spot. There are lots of ways to make a sundial, including drawing round your shadow from the same point at different times during the day. But the easiest way is to buy a kit.

Watch an outdoor movie

Set up your own outdoor cinema by purchasing a projector and hanging a sheet on your garden wall. When it comes to special moments nothing beats snuggling up together for a family film night. Moving it outside to the garden on a balmy evening will turn the experience into something they’ll remember. 

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Get growing

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Image: Pixabay

Don't worry, it’s not too late to plant seeds and still get a bumper crop this summer. Herbs such as mint, which you can add to homemade lemonade and basil (perfect for homemade pizza) are super easy to grow. If children want to try flowers, a pack of forget me not seeds is a good starter. 

Throw a tea party

One of the easiest ways to keep kids amused for hours is to set up an imaginative play scenario in the garden. Tea parties and picnics are always popular, especially if you invite the teddy bears too. Throw down a picnic rug then add a few key accessories to get the party started. 

Try pressing flowers

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Image: Pixabay

Now is the perfect time to encourage children to find flowers in the garden that can be kept and used later for decorative art and craft projects such as cards, journals and framed pictures. Make sure they pick the flowers on a dry day after the morning dew has evaporated as the blooms need to be dry. You can get good results from common garden flowers such as roses and daisies. 


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