modular sofa style in beige - best buys -

Top tips for buying a modular sofa

November 3, 2020

Can’t find the perfect sofa to fit your space? Then try a modular sofa design and customise it to suit your home. That’s not the only benefit either…

modular sofa style in beige - best buys -

Image: Swyft Homes has recently unveiled a brand-new addition to its sofa in a box range, a modular sofa called Model 03

A sofa is one of the biggest investments that you are likely to purchase for your home.  It’s the item we use the most to read, watch TV, entertain and lounge on, so you need to spend the time choosing a sofa that will complement your lifestyle and living space.

A modular sofa is one that is built of individual component parts that can be joined when they enter the home. This means you can create as large a sofa as your need without worrying about your home’s access points, while also choosing pieces that perfectly suit your wants and needs.

‘Modular sofas are a popular choice for many people as they allow you to design your own space, which is totally unique to you,’ says Kelly Collins, Head of Creative at Swyft Home.

When choosing the best modular sofa for your living room, there are a variety of factors that you should consider.

Size matters

Quite possibly the most important question, does it fit?  Most London flats have tight entry ways which can be tricky to navigate.  They might look great on Pinterest, but realistically, you need to think about what fits your space both in terms of getting it through the hallway but also your living room. A modular sofa will, by and large, come as smaller individual pieces than a standard sofa, even a small one, meaning it’s a great choice where access into the home is an issue.

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grey modular sofa with corner

Image: Cubus modular sofa in Seaspray Velvet, Sofology

What look do you want?

When buying a modular sofa, the look of the piece is so important. Make sure you do your research to check if they have the fabric colours you want, as well as textures, and style. You might be looking to make a statement or go with something more neutral and this is why the look of the sofa is so important to get right for what style you’re trying to achieve. Whichever fabric you do choose, make sure it’s durable if you have pets or kids so it’ll last longer.

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Go with the flow

It’s important that the sofa flows nicely with the design of the room.  With modular sofas you can create just about any shape, from the popular L style to a curvy U shape, there are an infinite number of different combinations.  For example, you can separate off a section of the living room with a chaise to make the sofa work for you in the space you have.

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Layout is what it’s all about

Think about the positioning you want for the sofa and what you’ll be using the sofa for. Will it be directly in front of the tv for chilling and lounging? Or perhaps, if you entertain quite a bit, you may want it spaced out for socialising with family and friends. If you need to seat a large amount of people, why not choose a three-seater sofa with an Ottoman option.  This is one the UK’s most popular sofa options and it has the added bonus of allowing two people to fully stretch out at different ends of the sofa so you have the perfect TV sofa for a couple.

Image: The Rebel corner sofa in Forest Green Velvet, Snug 

Focus on a solid frame

If you use your sofa a lot then make sure you invest in a good wood frame.  A solid hardwood frame is a good option but be wary of a particleboard or metal construction. You’ll also want to know that the individual modular pieces are firmly fixed together to avoid your sofa drifting apart as you use it! 

Also, take note of the guarantee before you commit – always opt for manufacturers who offer at least a 15-year guarantee. 


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