The 8 hottest sofa trends for 2024

Buying a new sofa is always an exciting prospect. It’s the item of furniture that will be the focal point of your room, and one that many of us design our interior décor schemes around.

To help you decide which sofa to invest in, we’ve asked the design experts for their advice on the hottest sofa trends 2024. Here are their tips on the six top sofa styles to invest in this year.


Maximalism is definitely going to be on the map for 2024 – think intricate patterns, bold colours and abundant textures.

For those wanting to adopt this ever-popular style, adhering to a cohesive colour palette is key, advises Gisela Lancaster, Head of Buying, Sofology.

“Choosing a concise palette will help to create a feeling of connection between your fabrics and furnishings,” she says.

“Colour pairings of oranges, blues and yellows are set to create joyous and soulful schemes that light up living spaces with a combination of boho styling and handcrafted touches.

“Opt for a bold sofa colour and use shades from this key feature to layer into other areas of your room.  Utilising your base colour and adding one or two accent shades will keep your room from becoming overwhelming. Once you have the structure and understand the colour combinations it’s easy to start layering print and pattern.”

Consider pairing a bold sofa with geometric scatter cushions, graphic curtains, statement wallpaper and bold accessories.

Gisela adds, “Using vintage features alongside contemporary elements will elevate your design and give it a modern twist.”

Sofology Marvella 2.5 Seater in Burnt Orange £1499
Image Credit: Sofology

Flexible spaces

With the cost of living challenges and soaring house prices, multi-generational and shared homes are becoming a reality for many. This means flexible living is increasingly important.

“This is where clever design and multi-purpose furniture can help lift a space and make it feel relevant for the whole family,” says Gisela.

“Storage sofas and footstools allow each person to hide away items in easy to reach places whilst keeping the space clutter-free for anyone using the space.

“When putting together your room, carefully mixing together styles and colour often results in dynamic and restorative spaces that feel considered and comforting – perfect for any rooms that need to serve multiple people.”

Sofology white sofa
Image Credit: Sofology

Global design

Sofas & Stuff’s Threads of India collection has been created in collaboration with the V&A Museum. As the museum is the home of design in London, this trend is sure to prove hot in 2024.

The exclusive collection takes inspiration from the archive of South Asian textiles at the V&A, adding a touch of history to modern design and luxury living. 

“The collection tells a story of India’s unique textile heritage and traditions through fabrics inspired by opulent riding coats, tent hangings and dress fabrics,” explains Sofas & Stuff.

“The inspired contemporary designs, presented on a linen and viscose blend, pay homage to this legacy, offering a tapestry of colours for a bespoke living experience.”

All fabric from the Threads of India collection can be used on any Sofas & Stuff product or available to purchase by the metre.

Sofas & Stuff Lyndhurst Chair in V&A Threads of India Lahore Dynasty Linen
Image Credit: Sofas & Stuff

We can also expect to see the incorporation of an ethnic, global design feel with vintage velvet and linen prints this year, according to David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin.

“Inspired by patterns like Kilim and Moroccan designs, these prints add a sense of worldly charm to the modern sofa,” David says.

“At Andrew Martin, we pride ourselves on seamlessly blending these cultural elements into our designs, creating sofas that tell a story of travel and discovery.”

Curvy model

Living rooms are set to become a lot more curvaceous, as demand for furniture with soft edges, fluid shapes and cocooning forms is on the increase.

According to homeware retailer Homary, the curved sofa trend is gaining traction as people embrace a softer aesthetic in the home.

“We have seen curves, archways and more fluid forms coming through at design shows for the past few years, but this trend is now really starting to build momentum in people’s homes, especially the living spaces. We are expecting curved sofas to be huge this year,” says Lauren Zeng, design expert from Homary.

“With a lot of uncertainty and conflict going on, these softer and more tactile pieces are really resonating with how we want our environment to make us feel. Curved sofas fosters a sense of comfort and warmth. The organic shapes mimic the natural curves of the human body and nature, creating a more inviting and inclusive environment.”

Combining curves with pops of colour is another trend to watch, as the dopamine colour and curved furniture trends collide. Nature-inspired greens are also popular as curves take on the added wellbeing benefits of a biophilic design. 

“Look for tactile fabrics like boucle, velvet and faux fur to create that added layer of comfort, creating the sense of a warm embrace,” Lauren adds.

Homary Luxury Velvet Upholstered Sofa 3-Seater Sofa Solid Wood Frame
Image Credit: Homary

Earthy hues

One colour palette that is going to prove popular for sofa trends 2024 is all about evoking a sense of warmth.

“We’re seeing a resurgence of rich and earthy tones – think warm reds, deep browns, rustic bricks, lush greens, calming blues, and timeless naturals,” says David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin

“These hues not only add a touch of sophistication to a space but also create an inviting atmosphere.”

Designers at King Living are also seeing a penchant for nature-inspired colours in this year’s trend forecast.

“Sofa designs in rich deep greens are a beautiful way to bring the feeling of the outdoors into your home and pair well with earthy accessories in terracotta and sepia tones,” designers Tanya Rechberger, Dominic Harrison and Alinta Lim explain.

“We also anticipate soft creams as a popular colour choice, which are ideal for designing timeless, neutral living spaces. Choosing sofas with removable machine washable covers is a great way to keep your lighter fabric hues looking their best.” 

King Living 1977 sofa
Image Credit: King Living

Chesterfield classic

A blend of classic elegance and modern innovation is going to be popular for sofas in 2024, embodied by the timeless Chesterfield sofa.

“Already a popular choice, Chesterfield sofas embody a distinguished charm with their high arms and tufted upholstery, all rooted in elegant, European design,” says Jonathan Lee, Owner and Operational Director at The Cushion Guys.

“These sofas are renowned for their clean lines, maintaining their relevance in all types of interior settings, from households to office spaces.”

grey living room with chesterfield sofa - 6 grey living room ideas to inspire you - living room -

Cosy up

Cute and cosy, expect loveseats to be a favourite in sofa trends 2024.

“The smaller-sized sofa is perfect for small spaces, with the growing trend in the style suggesting that consumers are looking to invest more efficiently to fill smaller spaces,” says Laura Chiddey, the Home Interiors expert at Fabb Furniture.

Don’t cut corners

Another shape that will continue to be popular in 2024 is a corner sofa. This sofa shape offers an elegant look but is also a comfortable choice.

Laura adds, “A corner sofa can be accessorised with multiple cushions and throws to accentuate its presence in the room, and is also a relaxing alternative to other shapes.”