Why choose an inset wood burner

September 22, 2022

Whether you want to feel more self-sufficient or just love the warm glow of a real fire, an inset wood burning fire from Stovax delivers all the benefits of a traditional log burning stove, yet in an elegant, streamlined form. This hole-in-the-wall design works wonders when upgrading a living room or open plan space.

Why an inset fire?

For a contemporary look, you can’t beat an inset wood burner. These streamlined, integrated fires slot into a hole in a chimney breast or wall, which gives them a discreet appearance and hides away the flue pipe. The fire fills the available wall space, maximising your view of the flames. A good example is the Stovax Studio Edge Inset wood burning fire. To make the most of the seamless effect, you can plaster right up to the edges.

Floating or hearth mounted?

It’s really down to your own preference. Inset wood burners come in taller portrait shapes or wide landscape options. Since there’s a choice of sizes with varying heat outputs, the fires can cater for all sorts of rooms. Models such as the Stovax Riva2 wood burning fire can be hearth mounted for a traditional look or positioned higher up the wall to give a more contemporary appearance.

Adding style

To go a step further and really tailor the fire to your home, many ranges can also be combined with exterior frames. This is a great way to make your inset wood burner unique to your décor. As most frames are available in three-sided or four-sided versions, they are suitable for both hearth mounted and elevated fires.

Smoke control zones

Air quality is at the top of the agenda these days. Many UK towns and cities are designated as smoke control areas to improve air quality. If this applies to your home, you must only burn logs on a DEFRA exempt stove or fire. Alternatively, if your inset fire is a multi-fuel model, you can also burn authorised smokeless fuels in these areas. Many councils have a postcode checker so you can check yourself, or just ask your local fireplace retailer for more advice.

Quality firewood

Modern inset fires from Stovax use the latest combustion technology to keep emissions to a minimum. But to lengthen the life of your inset wood burner and chimney, the firewood you burn has to be up to scratch. Firewood needs a moisture content of 20% or lower and have been seasoned and dried for a minimum of two years. If you’re chopping your own firewood for seasoning, use a moisture meter to test whether it’s ready to burn. Certainly Wood offers logs and a range of high quality wood products, delivered directly to your door. If using other suppliers look for the Woodsure Ready to Burn label which certifies the quality and moisture content.

Find out more

Shopping for an inset fire need not be daunting. Stovax & Gazco has a network of independent retailers across the UK and Ireland who are experts on every aspect of stoves and inset fires and specialise in installing them. Contact them for essential advice on what’s best for your home.