Written by Hugh Metcalf

4 steps to refresh your home (without buying anything new)

It’s a great time to give your home an update, even if you can’t buy anything new for it. Why not try out our simple re-stylng exercise?

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As we all spend a little more time indoors, thoughts no doubt turn towards home improvements. Whether you think your home needs a refresh, or you’re just a little bored with how your rooms are styled right now, re-arranging the space is a great way to not only update your interiors, but make use of spare time.

Best of all, you don’t need to buy anything new to do it. Just try out this simple re-styling technique to make use of everything your home already has to offer.

Take photos first

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There’s nothing worse than changing up your home and coming to the realisation that you liked it better before! So before you start your re-style, take photos of your existing set-up to give you the option to go back to how things were, without losing the magic. It’ll also help to remind you of how things used to be when styling up a new look.

Clear the decks

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Rather than making small changes to the existing set-up, take a fresh approach to your home’s styling by clearing shelves and surfaces, even of objects you know you’ll keep where they are. That way, you can re-assess the space afresh and make some significant switches to transform the look of your home.

Take stock of what you have

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Image: Oliver Bonas 

Collecting all your decorative objects in one place will help you realise just how much you have to work with and make it easier to disperse your objects into new rooms and spaces.

You can also use this opportunity to look at new combinations of your décor that you’ve never considered before. Remember to think about combining objects with different shapes, heights and textures, as well as stacking and layering pieces. Why not take a look at our guide to shelf styling for more inspiration?

Force some changes by switching foliage in vases or re-planting houseplants in different pots for an easy way to try something new.

Compare and contrast

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Image: Joe Browns 

After you’ve re-styled your spaces, take some time to reflect on the changes. Do you prefer the set up better than before? If not, this gives you a good opportunity to re-try the exercise until you’re happy with the look, even if that means restating some of the previous styling scheme.

If you love it, you’ve created a whole new look across your home’s rooms, without having to purchase anything new at all.


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