Experience the warmth and efficiency of a woodburning fire or stove

A comprehensive guide to selecting and using this eco-friendly heating option

Wood burning stoves are Britain’s favourite choice to replace open fires or older, inefficient heating appliances. They can also be installed where there is no existing fireplace or chimney and provide immediate warmth, comfort and great visual appeal.

Soaring energy prices have led to consumers turning to wood burning as a cheaper and greener option to gas or electric heating appliances. So how do you select the ideal stove for your home?

Chimney, built-in or freestanding

Most wood stove companies produce models that will fit snugly into a standard Class 1 chimney. The opening is hollowed out to form an ‘inglenook’ fireplace and the flue is inserted vertically, ending in a cowl at the top of the chimney stack.

Modern stoves, such as the Dik Geurts Ivar range, provide external air and room-sealed options. This means that the air for combustion is all extracted from the outside atmosphere rather than the home, resulting in clean burning, high efficiency and greater comfort.

Dik Geurts Instyle Corner Slim wood fire
Dik Geurts Instyle Corner Slim wood fire

A built-in wood fire, also known as an insert fire, can be installed either in the existing chimney or a false chimneybreast. You can opt for a single-sided, two sided or three sided model to enhance the view of the flames from different angles. There is even the option of a ‘tunnel’ fire that can be installed in a room dividing wall and is visible from both sides.

Dik Geurts Vidar Triple wall mounted wood stove

Finally, you can select a freestanding or suspended stove that can be installed almost anywhere around the home, providing it is possible to insert the flue through an outside wall or through the roof. These stoves come in many sizes, capacities and designs, with models such as the Dik Geurts Vidar Triple offering floor mounted or wall-mounted models with panoramic flame views and ample log storage.

Over 40 years of experience

Dik Geurts is a name that has been synonymous with wood stoves for over 40 years. Established in the Netherlands in 1981, Dik Geurts stoves and fires are now produced by DRU, established in 1754 and one of Europe’s leading fireplace companies.

Most Dik Geurts fires and stoves have A or A+ energy labels that enhance a home’s energy rating. They are Ecodesign 2022 ready, so they comply with European standards for low emissions and clean burning. In addition, many of the stoves enjoy British approvals from DEFRA, HETAS and clearSkies, the new British emissions and efficiency labeling standard for wood burning appliances.

Finishing touches

Dik Geurts fires and stoves have glass doors that provide evocative views of the beautiful flames, with detachable cold touch handles making it easy for you to top up the logs and clean the stove after use.

Dik Geurts has recently introduced the Smart Assist combustion system. It consists of an automatic air slide controlled by an exclusive new app for smartphones and tablets.

Using the app, you can select the flame height and heat output of the stove. A temperature sensor controls the air supply and a sound alert on your phone or tablet tells you when the logs need to be replaced. The result is clean, efficient burning and no wastage of wood, all from the comfort of your armchair. It is coming soon to the new Vidar Triple stove range and more models to follow.

So, prepare your home for future energy price shocks and enjoy everything that a high-quality wood stove can offer you and your family. To find a Dik Geurts stove dealer near you, visit or email: [email protected]