Written by Jennifer Turner

Cork flooring: what are the benefits?

Consider cork as a sustainable and stylish floor material for sleek, modern homes.


an open plan kitchen and dining area with table, chairs and spiral staircase

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If you remember cork flooring from the 1970s and early 1980s – although it dates back a lot further than that – you might not have particularly fond memories of it. While it was functional, it came in limited styles and was seen as hard-wearing but dull and unattractive.

That has changed. Today’s cork flooring differs greatly from the first material used over 100 years ago. Combining comfort with the latest technological manufacturing advances, it has evolved into  a product that has endless design possibilities. It’s something that can sit comfortably in any modern home, but one that also has unique elements – this is a natural product that doesn’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ uniform pattern. Plus, it’s also magnificently sustainable.

open plan living area with sofa and dining table with mixed chairs

Image: Amorim Cork Flooring

A sustainable story

Amorim Wise aims to provide climate positive flooring. That goes beyond carbon neutral to actually remove more carbon from the atmosphere than the production process actually emits.

It’s part of a cycle that begins with the cork tree itself – a resilient tree that regenerates itself after the outer bark is removed for the flooring. This means that no trees are actually cut up when cork is extracted. By adopting this method, they can continue producing cork for an average of 200 years.

The trees retain CO2, but so do the floors that Amorim Wise make from them, a virtuous circle and a rare example of flooring that is completely sustainable.

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Image: Amorim Cork Flooring

 The benefits of cork floors

Of course, all that means little if today’s cork floors were the same as your grandmother’s. That’s not the case. The Amorim Wise Wood Inspire 700 collection recreates the look of wood with the comfort of cork. Whether it’s designs drawn from nature, the timeless style of Portuguese tiles or different oak tones – you can explore the many possibilities with the Amorim Wise floor simulator to see how it will sit in your home.

Once installed, your cork floor won’t just look the part, it will instil a sense of wellbeing. The PVC-free floor is hypoallergenic, perfect for asthma and other allergy sufferers. Every plank has at least one structural layer of high density cork, which strengthens the thermal and acoustic properties of the material. Layer by layer, balance becomes a reality: more silence, more thermal insulation and more impact resistance. A cork flooring reduces up to 53% the walking sound and the natural flexibility of the material results in comfort in movement and coziness, easing the impacts in our body and reducing tensions.

Discover how far cork has come with Amorim Wise.

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