log effect gas stove in fire place in loung

Classic fireplace looks with modern convenience

October 13, 2020

Upgrade your home’s classic fireplace without losing any of its charm


log effect gas stove in fire place in loung

Image: Gazco

Many homeowners don’t upgrade their fireplace because they live in a period property and wish to keep hold of the traditional look and feel of their home.

However, with new fireplaces that preserve a classic style, you won’t need to worry any more…

Banish the cold

Preserving your home’s classic style is often at the chilly personal sacrifice of convenient heat, or any heat at all in some cases – with many traditionalists consigning their fireplace to strictly aesthetic duties only.

If this sounds familiar, rejoice. The convenience of gas, coupled with break-through realism and a host of classic-compatible fireplace designs, means those cold evenings are over. The wide range of gas fires available today ensures that regardless of whether your home has a 16” builder’s opening or the grand fireplace of a double-fronted Victorian townhouse, there is more than likely a model that can fit into your existing chimney.

lounge with fireplace gas fire and French doors

Image: Gazco

The real thing

For real flames coupled with the luxury of remote control operation, check out leading gas fire manufacturers such as Gazco. Detailed hand painted fuel effects are combined with glowing ember effects to ensure a realistic bed for the flames, which are emitted from strategically positioned flame ports to create the most natural visual possible. To avoid unwanted reflections, crystal-clear non-reflective glass is used on many premium gas fires to create that stunning open-fire aesthetic.

Thanks to the latest gas fire technology, these types of heating products can reach extraordinarily high heating efficiencies, making them a practical solution for warming your living room. This is particularly handy during early autumn, when we’re still grappling with the idea of turning on the central heating.

fireplace with log effect gas fire and an armchair either side

Image: Gazco

Convenient features

Some gas fires allow you to schedule your fireplace to maintain specific temperatures, or set it to turn on at scheduled times. And for the utmost ease, fully-sequential gas fires will even let you ignite the fire’s pilot light from the sofa.

One thing worth keeping in mind is that you don’t even need to have a gas connection to your home to enjoy many of today’s gas fires. LPG options are now more prevalent and allow homes with no access to natural gas to benefit from the convenience and efficiency of modern-day gas fires.

lounge with log effect gas fire and Christmas tree

Image: Gazco

The gas experts

For expert advice on which gas fires are the perfect match for your interior, be sure to visit your local independent Gazco retailer. They’ll be able to factor in various considerations such as heat output and installation options, making sure your home’s classic fireplace brings warmth, style and convenience to your life in equal measure, while preserving or enhancing your gorgeous aesthetics. To find out more about the possibilities, visit Stovax online.