Porto Sofa Rune armchair Nyhavn cabinet Kasper coffee table Penfold stool Shackleton rug swoon goodhomes

Bring vibrancy into your home this spring

March 1, 2019

Never ones to shy away from a splash of colour, online interiors brand Swoon are vibing brighter themes and colour on colour this spring. And what better way to join them than by treating yourself to patterned cushions, a pink cocktail chair or a pastel rocking chair you never knew you needed?

This is an advertorial.

Porto Sofa Rune armchair Nyhavn cabinet Kasper coffee table Penfold stool Shackleton rug swoon goodhomes 

Image: Porto sofa £1,099, Rune armchair £449, Nyhavn cabinet £449, Kasper coffee table £349, Penfold stool £299, Shackleton rug £199, swooneditions.com

With summer just around the corner and the trend for brighter, lighter interiors showing no signs of slowing, Swoon share their top tips and picks to help ready your homes for those dreamy longer days and warmer nights.

Be bold

Rune Armchair Nyhavn cabinet Penfold stool Shackleton rug swoon goodhomes

Image: Rune armchair £449, Nyhavn cabinet £449, Penfold stool £299, Shackleton rug £199, swooneditions.com

It’s all about colour pairing and not sticking to one theme when styling a room, especially in the lead-up to the spring and summer months. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by the colours of the rainbow in their own home? Our advice: be bold, mix and match unexpected colour palettes and don’t be afraid of creating striking combinations.

Mixing an emerald-green footstool with a mustard sofa or a blue rug (below) is simply good testimony to your experimentation skills. Combining and celebrating bright colours gives a room character and will leave your guests green with envy. Or pink, when you catch them Google-searching your armchair.


Karlsson Sideboard Penfold stool ottoman Castor floor lamp soho rug swoon goodhomes

Image: Karlsson sideboard £649, Penfold stool £299, Penfold ottoman £279, Castor floor lamp £299, Soho rug £229, swooneditions.com

Experiment, experiment, experiment – this is how you innovate and discover new ‘matches made in heaven’. Mix darks and lights: darker walls with lighter woods and pops of colour, for example. Mix materials and finishes, brass pieces with wood, chromes with marbles – texture on texture is the new black. Getting creative with unusual, contrasting colours and materials will give your space a whole new level of edge – marrying all your loves into one unique style.

Swoon designers do this with most of their compositions, and we can vouch for them – it really works.

Cairo Side table Apollo sideboard Aino coffee table swoon goodhomes

Image: Cairo side table £229, Apollo sideboard in walnut £649, Aino coffee table £299, swooneditions.com 

Make patterns your pals

 Akila rug Jaisalmer side table lotus cushion sahara coffee table swoon goodhomes

Image: Akila rug £269, Jaisalmer side table £349, Lotus cushion £40, Sahara coffee table, £349, swooneditions.com

Patterns are our everything this spring – whether it be in the form of a rug, a table, a cushion, or even carved or inlaid on to wood. There is no simpler way to lift a space than by adding a patterned piece or a motif. We’re big fans of big prints and the pattern-on-pattern aesthetic. But if you’re feeling a little less adventurous, you can play with pattern in the simplest of ways. Above are some of our favourites to help you do exactly that.

Swoon has a showroom at selected Debenhams around the UK where visitors can sign-up for a free bespoke room design service as well as check out their range of statement pieces from brass cabinets to velvet sofas. Visit swooneditions.com to view their entire collection.