10 undeniable reasons to choose a grey sofa/sofa bed

September 7, 2017

Forget black and white. When it comes to interiors grey is the colour that will ensure your décor never dates.

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Image: The Appledoe sofa/sofa bed in Broad Weave Linen Silver from £1,105 and £1,295

If you want a living space that will remain as on trend in 20 years’ time as it is today, then decorating in shades of grey is the answer. Here are 10 reasons why a grey sofa or sofa bed from Willow & Hall will ensure your entertaining space always stays in style.

Grey goes with everything

Just like with black and white, grey is a neutral colour. Whether you pair it with pastel accents or bright colour pops, grey will never look out of place.


Image: The Chisbury sofa/sofa bed in House Linen Argent from £1,013 and £1,187

It’s effortlessly stylish

Grey is synonymous with quality materials such as slate, so introducing it into a living space instantly sets a sophisticated tone.

It can be contemporary or traditional

Grey is one of the few colours that can lend itself as equally well in modern surroundings as it does in period and character homes.

Buttermere Good Homes Image

Image: The Buttermere sofa/sofa bed in Country Linen Zinc from £952 and £1,128

Grey enlarges smaller spaces

Faced with furnishing a smaller sized room? Pale grey tones will keep the space feeling light and airy.

It doesn’t overpower

The great thing about grey is it doesn’t dominate. So, even if you opt for a 7 or 8 seater corner sofa upholstering in grey will ensure it doesn’t appear overbearing.

Fyfield Good Homes Image

Image: The Fyfield Right Corner sofa/sofa bed in Linen Vintage Grey from £2,180 and £2,420

Grey loves a pattern

Fans of bold prints might not be sold on the idea of a grey sofa. But the truth is grey is the ideal base on which to build up colour. Great news if you’re a fan of clashing patterns and statement pieces.

Its shade spectrum is off the charts

From sultry slates that are great for adding drama, to serene pebbles and perfectly balanced midtones. The spectrum of grey shades available is all encompassing, offering something to suit every taste.

Foxham Good Homes Image

Image: The Foxham Love Seat sofa/sofa bed in Cotton Pigeon from £674 and £861

It’s pet and child friendly

Darker shades of grey expertly conceal accidental spillages or stains caused by mucky hands or paws. Plus, it can be easily spot cleaned making it an ideal sofa colour for households with kids and pets.

Grey is an investment

If you’re going to invest in a furniture piece as pivotal as a sofa. You want to ensure your big-ticket purchase won’t date quickly. Grey is the one colour you can count on not to go out of fashion.

Wilsford Good Homes Image

Image: The Wilsford sofa/sofa bed in Cotton Shadow from £1,069 and £1,285

It knows how to relax

Grey is incredibly versatile, and it looks great in washed fabrics and looser fitting sofa covers. If want to capture a relaxed feel in your living spaces then grey is your go-to colour.

Gifford Good Homes Image

Image: The Gifford sofa/sofa bed in Washed Cotton Peacock Grey from £1,100 and £1,315

So there you have it – a multitude of reasons to choose grey! From moody slates and shadows to pretty pale doves and pewters, Willow & Hall will most certainly have a grey goodie in their handcrafted range that will suit your style. And, if you’re still not convinced by grey, all designs are available in over 100 fabrics and delivered for free to most of the UK Mainland within around 4-5 weeks. Plus, they offer 14-day free returns on all orders.

To explore their range visit their London showroom, shop online at or call 020 8939 3800.