Written by Victoria Purcell

5 key accent colours for grey kitchens

Inject some style and personality into your space with these accent colours for grey kitchens.

It doesn’t take an expert to see that grey kitchen cabinets are one of, if not the most popular colour options around. What was once an of-the-minute colour trend is now a timeless choice.

So, what makes grey kitchens so popular? Grey is a versatile hue with the perfect balance of neutrality and warmth, creating a blank canvas with endless opportunities to incorporate different features and accent colours.

Wondering what colour goes with grey kitchen units? Use one of these five key accent colours for an on-trend kitchen decor scheme…


What are accent colours?

An accent colour is a hue added to polish off and add interest to a scheme. Whether used daringly or sparingly, your accent colours will impact the overall look of your kitchen.

There are endless opportunities to incorporate accent colours into a grey kitchen, but complementary or contrasting colours are the two main avenues to consider. For example, you may decide to subtly inject accent colours into your scheme, or create bold colour pops using appliances and accessories instead.

However you decide to incorporate accent colours into your grey kitchen, your primary focus should be to enhance your kitchen’s design.

What colour goes with grey kitchen units?

Grey kitchen cabinets go with almost any colour. What’s more, a kitchen offers so many opportunities to incorporate different colours. Here are five key accent colours for grey kitchens to inspire your project.

1. Blue accents for grey kitchens

Grey kitchens that feature blue kitchen islands are certainly having their moment. But this kitchen style is fast becoming a classic choice that will stand the test of time.

accent colours for grey kitchens blue

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

The rich inky tones of blue really pop against grey kitchen cabinets and create an air of sophistication. Can’t get enough of blue? Add more blue accents into your grey kitchen using accessories like chairs, pendant lights or a splashback.

blue accent colours for grey kitchens

Photo: The Kitchen Store

2. Warming wood accents for grey kitchens

Wood is a firm favourite with interior enthusiasts when adding warmth to a grey kitchen. There are many ways to incorporate wood textures into your design, such as wood worktops, open shelving, bar stools, and benches.

warm wood accents grey kitchen

Photo: Elmview Interiors

Storage features such as wine racks and crate drawers also offer opportunities to add warming wood to your grey kitchen. If you’re opting for a handleless kitchen, choose wood-effect handlerails.

wood accents for grey kitchens

Photo: Masterclass Kitchens

3. Metallic accents for grey kitchens

This kitchen proves that modern grey kitchens needn’t feel clinical and lifeless. The homeowner has opted for gold accents in their handlerails, wall panelling and accessories, creating a glamourous yet warm look. Warming metallic accents like gold and copper can also be infused into your scheme using handles, splashbacks and plinths.

gold accents for grey kitchens

Photo: Elmview Interiors

4. Pink accents for grey kitchens

Gone are the days where pink was considered a colour for girly bedrooms. We’re seeing more and more homeowners incorporating pink accents into their kitchen. Pink hues like autumn blush and vintage rose create a striking yet delicate focal point when used on kitchen islands.

accent colours for grey kitchens, pink

Photo: Et Lorem

Love pink but worried about resale? Add pink accents to your grey kitchen using easy to change features. For example, appliances and accessories are great for creating playful colour pops that can be switched when necessary.

pink accessories in grey kitchen

Photo: Sigma 3 Kitchens

5. Turquoise accents

Create a fresh, coastal feel with touches of turquoise on a splashback and counter chairs, partnered with calming mid-grey cabinets. Try this technique with other bold tones, such as sunny yellow, zesty orange, or energising green, for bright and beautiful schemes bursting with vibrancy.

bright accent colours for grey kitchens - turquoise

Photo: Sigma 3 Kitchens

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