interior of contemporary kitchen with white worktop and sink plus stainless steel tap with glass of black tea to the side

What are the benefits of an instant boiling and filtered water tap?

May 12, 2021

Splash out on a smart mixer tap for instant filtered cold and hot water

Smart boiling and filtered water taps instantly serve the purest water at exactly the right temperature and quantity. Find out how they can make your life more efficient…

white worktop and sink with water pouring out of stainless steel tap into glass jug on wooden chopping board

Image: Blanco

Water when you want

Over the past year, many of us have found ourselves using our kitchens and consuming more food and drink than ever before. However much you relish being in your kitchen, time-saving appliances such as smart mixer taps have become a godsend. That’s because they free us up to finish work, or do the things we most enjoy.

Drinking water systems such as instant boiling and filtered water taps offer the perfect solution for those of us with busy schedules and discerning tastes in style, design and most importantly – healthy drinking water.

Blanco, a leading German manufacturer of premium sinks, taps and organisation systems, offers hot and cold filtered drink systems that turn mains water into refined water for drinking and cooking exactly when you need it – saving space, energy and time.

interior of contemporary kitchen with white worktop and sink plus stainless steel tap with glass of black tea to the side

Image: Blanco

Filtered to perfection

Included in its range of semi-professional taps, Blanco’s BWT five-stage filtration system purifies water to the highest standard. It does this by cleaning out metal particles and impurities for perfectly balanced, fresh-tasting water.

And when it comes to hot water, Blanco’s innovative smart mixer taps dispense instant boiling water to a guaranteed 100°C. Perfect for whether you’re in a need of a quick cup of tea or coffee before work, or for jump-starting a pan of pasta when you’re in a hurry.

Helping you declutter your sink area, all Blanco’s drink systems consist of a streamlined mixer tap and a filter unit that nestles neatly in the cabinet under the sink.

interior of white sink looking up at tap spray attachment dispensing water into glass jug

Image: Blanco

Smart tap features

Blanco’s drink systems are packed with easy-to-use, innovative and safe features, so there’s a perfect match to suit your décor and lifestyle.

The Blanco Evol-S Pro Hot and Filter 4-in-1 tap is a fantastic all-rounder offering great-tasting instant filtered cold and boiling water. With sleek dual spouts that operate simultaneously, you can pre-set the child-safe dial to dispense precisely the amount of water you need. Whether you’re making a hot or cold beverage or filling a big saucepan, simply programme the dial between 100ml and three litres. By doing so, you’ll reduce plastic bottle waste, energy consumption and save time spent waiting for a kettle to boil.

kitchen interior with contemporary grey sink and worktop, stainless-steel Blanco Evol-S Pro Hot and Filter Tap

Image: Blanco

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