Sage smoking gun kitchen gadget -

6 chef-inspired gadgets for your kitchen

December 16, 2019

Want to take your home cooking to the next level? Here’s 6 of the best restaurant-style gadgets you can buy to upgrade your kitchen.

Sage smoking gun kitchen gadget -

Image: Sage 

Kitchen taps are packed with more functions and features than ever before, all at once removing our reliance on energy-guzzling kettles and plastic-bottled drinking water.

They’re undoubtedly the future of our kitchens, wiht new research from Grohe showing that 21% of new kitchens installed in the past 102 years featured one, but are you ready to invest? If so, take a look at our quick guide to buying your first smart kitchen tap.

Sage smoking gun, £59.99, Amazon 

A smoking gun is a way to infuse your food with delicious smoky taste without having to cook the food entirely in a smoker. This Sage smoking gun doesn’t produce heat, but does allow you to impart meat (and veggies if you so desire) the flavour of woodchips such as applewood and hickory – perfect for steak, ribs and anythign else you might traditionally throw on a barbeque.

Sous vide stick, £49.99, Aldi 

aldi sous vide stick kitchen gadget -

Image: Aldi 

Sous vide is a technique by which meat and vegetables are cooked in a temperature-controlled water bath to achieve perfect results every time. Usually this can be hard to achieve in a standard kitchen, but this sous vide stick from Aldi will transform a 7-15 litre pot into your very own sous vide bath.

The process works by placing food in vacuum-sealed bags before cooking, helping to retain nutrients, flavour and moisture, so you’ll need to purchase a vacuum sealer and bags to go alongside this gadget.

Entertaining grill, £175, Cuisinart 

cuisinart entertaining grill gadget - kitchen -

Image: Cuisinart 

It’s a growing trend in restaurant cuisine to cook food at the table, creating a more memorable meal by encouraging diners to take part.

You can recreate this idea at home with the likes of the aptly named Entertaining Grill from Cuisinart – we love the idea of this interactive teppan-yaki style cooking around the table.

Cedarlane Spherificator, £89.99, Lakeland

lakeland spherificator kitchen gadget -

Image: Lakeland 

If you want a quick and easy way to impress guests at a dinner party, the Spherificator is surely it. You can create these gastronomical caviar-style pearls which make for the perfect garnish to both sweet and savoury dishes.

Molecule-R Cuisine R-Evolution kit, £39.95, Amazon 

Molecule R kitchen gadget set -

Image: Molecule-R

Fancy yourself the next Heston Blumenthal? This gastronomic kitchen set from Molecule-R has a range of chemistry-style chef kit and additives, as well as a 50 recipe DVD so you can try your hand at those Masterchef favourites that bring the ‘wow-factor’ to your cooking.

Meater+ thermometer, £97.50, Amazon

meater+ food thermometer -

Image: Meater+

To make sure you cook your meat perfectly, every time, you may have already turned to a meat thermometer for help. However, the Meater+ is next level, with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to monitor your meat through a helpful and informative app.


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