modern kitchen with wine cooler

Invest in a wine cooler to up your kitchen storage game

March 8, 2020


Take a look at these superb wine storage solutions with the Which? seal of approval.

modern kitchen with wine cooler

Wine coolers free up your fridge and treat your wine like it deserves to be treated. We look at the latest wine storage options for your kitchen…

Stay cool

corner of kitchen with wine cooler fruit bowl toaster and wine

Whether you prefer red, white, rose or fizz, a wine cooler is your friend. You can set the optimum temperature for wine storage, or even just the temperature you like to serve or drink it at, and it’ll quietly keep your vino exactly as you want it.

They’re an increasingly popular addition to kitchens, combining sleek good looks with practicality. They’re so much more than just a cupboard for storing wine, however.

Peace of mind

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The very best wine coolers are multi-faceted, allowing you not just to set the temperature your wine is stored at, but also the correct humidity levels too. And they also maintain those at a stable level that preserves your wine better.

CDA’s FWC304SS and FWC304BL recently achieved prestigious Which? Best Buy status, which shows that they performed well on both these counts. Or, as the Which? review said, ““This outstanding CDA wine cooler didn’t do badly in any of our tests.” 

Well red

corner of kitchen with open wine cooler wine bottles inside

Doesn’t a good fridge do the same job? In a word, no. In more words, there are numerous drawbacks to storing wine in a kitchen fridge. Firstly, you have to make room for it, and shuffle other items round to make space. Secondly, you can’t store red wine in a fridge, so you’ll have to leave that out on the side where it will be exposed to UV light that damages your wine’s quality and longevity. Also, modern centrally-heated homes often mean that red wine is stored and served at too high a temperature. 

Free the fridge

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There are more drawbacks – fridge temperatures fluctuate every time you reach for the milk, while the interior light isn’t wine-friendly either. The FWC304SS (that’s stainless steel) and the FWC304BL (its black glass counterpart) are easy-to-use standalone wine storage solutions that come complete with a UV-protective smoked toughened glass door and wooden slide-out shelves. Timeless looks, high performance and a Which? seal of approval – it’s where wine wants to live.