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7 kitchen gadgets to up your pancake game

February 21, 2020

Shrove Tuesday falls on the 25th February this year. If your pancake endeavours are usually a flipping disaster, try these useful kitchen tools.

pancake pan with spreader and flipper - kitchen -

Image: 28cm pancake pan, £89.95, Staub 

Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day – whatever you call it, it’s taking place on Tuesday 25th February this year, so time to prep for some tasty, Instagram-worthy pancakes.

If you’re well known for poor pancake technique, or just want to make sure yours are picture perfect, try out some of these special pancake kitchen tools…

Pancake spreader, £3.99

Using a wooden or bamboo spreader ensures a thin and perfectly even crepe, so invest in one of these budget buys for a professional level pancake.

Miam pancake shaker, £18

pancake gadget amara shaker recipe - good homes

Image: Amara 

Perfect for whipping up batter (and extra batter for that matter) in a flash, this handy shaker not only saves on the washing up, it features easy to follow recipes on the side, including for vegan and gluten-free diets.

Oxo batter dispenser, £8

oxo batter dispenser in white kitchen with pancakes

Image: Amazon 

Nordic Ware pancake pan, £54.47

nordic ware pancake pan - good homes

Image: Amazon

Not only does this pan make perfectly sized pancakes every time, you can also use it to fry toppings for your Shrove Tuesday meal in the same pan.

Delimano pancake maker, £29.99 

Delimano Pancake Maker - good homes

Image: Amazon  

We love this gadget idea as it makes pancake making a more social activity by bringing it out of the kitchen. Just make the batter, dip the pancake maker in the included bowl, wait 5 minutes and flip. Perfect crepes everytime without slaving away over a hot stove.

Pancake flipper, £5.99

pancake flipper kitchencraft

Image: Amazon

Not a confident pancake tosser? This made-for-purpose, round spatula is ideal for perfect results every flip.

Sausage dog pancake pan, £16.99

studio sausage dog pancake pan - good homes

Image: Studio

Using the squeezy bottle, follow the dachshund outline in this Tefal pan and you’ll end up with showstopping sausage dog pancakes! Because.. why not?


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