Written by Becca Green

6 kitchen design ideas using marble

A fully marble kitchen, as wonderful as it sounds, is probably a little over the top for most of us. Mixed materials add warmth and character to kitchen, so combining marble with exposed brick, wooden features or even modern Shaker-style cabinets is becoming more common in kitchen design.

Marble worktops are the classic way to work this beautiful natural stone into your kitchen, but it’s not the only way – splashbacks, dining tables, breakfast bars, artwork and flooring are other ways to work this timeless material into your design.

As we become accustomed to bolder colour palettes in kitchens, a white marble provides a great contrast. Likewise, darker marble finishes contrast well with lighter cabinets. Plus, marble is available in more colours and patterns than ever before. Choose from a combination of vein styles (from abstract to spider vein) in shades from pink marble to pale green.

And you don’t have to splash out on the finest Italian Carrara marble – marble-effect surfaces look just as good and are designed to be durable. Not only do smooth stone surfaces look super stylish and luxurious, they are wonderfully wipe-clean too!

Here are a few unique ways to incorporate marble into your new kitchen…

Marble kitchen design ideas

1. Marble overhang

Create a bold look in your kitchen with a marble breakfast bar that features a statement overhang. A breakfast bar or island is undoubtedly a key feature of any design but choosing a marble or marble-effect surface will definitely add the wow-factor.

marble kitchen breakfast bar with wooden cabinet and granite flooring tiles

Photo: Walls and Floors

2. Stylish splashback

Be selective with your choice of surfaces and opt for different options for different areas of your kitchen. Incorporate marble into your design through a stylish splashback. Marble-effect quartz is the perfect solution as it is easy to wipe down and is much less likely to stain than other materials.

modern handless kitchen with marble-effect splashback and sliding glass doors

Photo: Brayer Design

3. Black marble

Go over to the dark side and opt for a black marble surface for your kitchen. Dark interiors are definitely a trend and black kitchens have seen a recent rise in popularity. Think outside the box and instead of opting for black cabinets, bring in a darker tone through your choice of work surfaces. Contrast a dark worktop with bright white cupboards for a contemporary look.

black and white interior design in an open-plan home

Photo: Keller


4. Cohesive design

Go all out with your marble kitchen design and create a cohesive design that uses the same surface for their walls, floors and worktops – you could even hunt down a marble dining table to amp up the luxurious vibe. Accessorise a marble kitchen with metallic fixtures and fittings for an on-trend look, or contrast its softness with black highlights for more of an industrial scheme.

pink marble kitchen with marble dining table, pink cabinets and marble artwork


5. Create contrast

Too much marble in a kitchen can look cold and stark, and would only really work in warmer climates. Instead, try mixing up your materials to create contrast and interest. Juxtapose a marble surface with natural wooden, exposed brick or industrial-style furniture. The below kitchen island by Caesarstone pairs a wooden base with a statement marble-effect overhang and bold, geometric floor tiles.

mixed material kitchen in a lofty warehouse conversion with arched windows

Photo: Caesarstone

6. Marble-effect flooring

Flooring is an integral part of any kitchen design and it’s important to envision how it’s going to marry up with the rest of your kitchen space. Oversized marble-effect floor tiles like these Venosa designs from Tile Giant are a great option for a modern minimalist kitchen. They are timeless, durable and super easy.

grey marble used throughout a kitchen from the floor to the kitchen island and splashback

Photo: Tile Giant


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