Kitchen trends 2024

If you’re looking for a new kitchen in 2024, this is the perfect guide for you. We’ve consulted the experts at bespoke kitchen companies Davonport and Naked Kitchens to get their insights on the biggest kitchen trends 2024.

Even if you’re not planning a major kitchen overhaul, there are still some lovely ideas in here for a smaller kitchen refresh.

According to Richard Davonport, Managing Director at Davonport, kitchens continue to be the room that leads the latest interior trends, with other rooms following suit.

“For 2024, we aren’t seeing revolutionary trends, but rather more subtle ideas that bring both functionality and style in equal measure,” he adds.

Here are Davonport’s top kitchen trends for 2024.

Oversized handles

Oversized handles add a bold and modern look to the kitchen, while offering a convenient grip for cabinet doors and drawers. Whether made from sleek metals to textured woods, substantial handles provide homeowners with endless possibilities to make a statement in their kitchen design.

Pot fillers

Pot fillers have rapidly gained popularity, especially in large kitchens. These convenient fixtures let you fill pots and pans directly on the hob, so you don’t need to carry heavy pans from the sink.

Expect pot fillers to make a splash in UK kitchens in 2024, combining functionality and style. Available in various finishes and styles, they’ll seamlessly integrate into your kitchen’s design.

Davenport Kitchens- pot fillers
Image credit: Davenport

Back kitchens

Back kitchens are smaller rooms, often located behind the main kitchen. They’re a functional extension of the main cooking space, offering a separate area for prep work, storage and smaller appliances.

This trend is ideal for those wanting a minimalist and clean design, or if you want the kitchen to be the social hub of the home.

Make sure your back kitchen has a large sink, fridge, and cooking and prep space to maximise its functionality.

Backsplash updates

Slab backsplashes are going to be a big kitchen trend in 2024.

“These seamless, continuous backsplashes create a sleek and modern look,” Davenport says.

“Whether it’s a marble slab or a more budget-friendly porcelain/quartz alternative, the use of a single material for both countertop and backsplash add an elegant and timeless touch to the kitchen.”

Davenport kitchens- slab splashback
Image credit: Davenport

For those after a bit more glamour and shine, go for a metallic splashback. Copper, brass and stainless steel are all popular choices and create a stunning focal point in the kitchen.

“These reflective surfaces not only catch the eye but also bounce light around the room, making your kitchen feel more spacious and inviting. They work particularly well in smaller kitchens but look just as good in large spaces,” explains Davenport.

Warmer colours

According to Davenport, reds, purples and rich browns will be popular in our kitchens in 2024. If you’re not brave enough to use these vibrant hues throughout the kitchen, they work well as a powerful contrast to understated neutrals.

Davenport adds: “The natural place to use contrasting colours is to paint your kitchen island a different colour. Or, for something a little different, paint your floor-to-ceiling cabinets and wall cabinets one colour, while your base cabinets a different shade.”

Over at Naked Kitchens, they’re expecting to see more daring shades and a twist on the traditional as the key kitchen trends 2024.

Black is back

Opting for cabinets in an inky black will give a high-end look and feel to your kitchen.

“Sleek and stylish, like a little black dress, it’s a design that will never go out of fashion,” says Naked Kitchens. “Paired with woods such as oak or walnut and layered with brass or copper detailing, this scheme delivers a wealth of understated luxury and warmth.”

Naked Kitchens-Ryburgh black kitchen
Image credit: Naked Kitchens

Think pink

If you prefer something a little lighter and brighter, pink is a versatile choice and can instil a sense of calm. It’s the perfect shade to create a stress-free cooking environment.

“Soft pink shades pair particularly well with natural finishes such as pale woods and rattan accessories,” Naked Kitchens advises.

Naked Kitchens-Harpley pink kitchen
Image credit: Naked Kitchens

A twist on the traditional

Islands are still one of the most coveted elements for any new kitchen. But there’s been a design evolution, and the latest designs offer display shelving and eye-catching split-level counter tops. There’s also a great opportunity to be creative with different finishes and mixed materials for a premium look.

Naked Kitchens-St. Giles
Image credit: Naked Kitchens

While the traditional shaker kitchen remains a popular choice for period homes, adding in contrasting elements will elevate their look and feel.

Naked Kitchens says, “Bold unexpected colour is a great way of highlighting design detail whilst display cabinets and open shelving in unexpected materials and finishes offer a contemporary twist to a classic design.”