best kitchen gadgets: Panasonic breadmaker

11 of the best kitchen gadgets

January 31, 2023

Kitchen gadgets make life easier for everyone. But with so many out there promising the earth, you can easily end up with a gadget graveyard of unused, unwanted tech. So before you consider adding to your armoury, take a look at Good Homes’ pick of multi-tasking, stylish and quiet-running counter-top appliances that are well worth the spend…

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1. Air fryer

Air fryers became the hottest kitchen gadget by a country mile in 2022 – so much so that they sold out in many places. Fortunately, most places have managed to restock, so buying an air fryer in 2023 should be a much less stressful experience. Ninja is a market leader in air fryers. The Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker is an excellent multi tasker, making it easy to cook your favourite fresh or frozen foods with a 6L cooking pot and nine cooking functions – pressure cook, air fry, slow cook, steam, bake/roast, sear/sauté, grill and dehydrate functions. It’s ideal for up to four people, and you can even cook and crisp a 2kg chicken. If you want even more flexibility, go for a Ninja Foodi Max, which offers two drawers so that you can cook more foods using different functions simultaneously. Ninja’s entry-level air fryers have four cooking functions and start from £129.99.

Ninja air fryer - the entry level AF100UK costs £129.99

The Ninja AF100UK

2. Blender

Soups and smoothies are a must for the health-conscious, so invest in a good blender that can do both. With WFH and hybrid working seemingly here to stay, quiet appliances are becoming increasingly desirable too, so look for an appliance that won’t deafen you while blending. The Magimix Blender Power range, which comes in three models priced £180-£290, has been awarded Quiet Mark certification for its unusually low noise levels. It can chop, grind and blend, and has ColdMix technology to maintain a stable temperature and maximum vitamin levels.

3. Food processor

No need to have separate kitchen scales when you have the MultiPro Express Weigh+ from Kenwood (£149). Weigh ingredients for this food processor directly into the bowl or on the tray included and save time and washing-up. It comes with an Express Serve and Express Dice attachment so you can grate, slice and dice onto a serving dish or pan, while the glass blender is great for healthy smoothies.

Photo: Kenwood

4. The does-it-all kitchen gadget

If you don’t have the worktop space for multiple kitchen gadgets, try this multifunctional food preparation and cooking powerhouse. The Magimix Cook Expert (£1,195) is a real workhorse, combining the functions of over 12 different kitchen appliances in one, including a stand mixer, food processor, blender, steamer, slow-cooker, soup maker and digital scales. It can chop, slice, grate, steam, sear, brown, simmer, stir, blend and knead, and has an auto-rinse programme to make speedy work of clearing up. Use the app to discover new recipes and make a vast range of dishes, from starters to desserts, to feed between two and 12 people.

5. Cold-press juicer

Can’t live without a freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning? Then you need a juicer. For freshly squeezed juice, smooth or with bits, the Ninja Cold Press Juicer features Cold Press Technology (£99.99) extracts up to 75% of the fruit, squeezing out lots of lovely nutrients. It has a high-torque motor, total pulp control with three interchangeable filters and it’s three times quieter than other centrifugal juicers.

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Cold press juicer kitchen gadgets with green smoothies on the side

Photo: Ninja

6. Breadmaker

There’s nothing quite like a freshly baked loaf… In a sleek gunmetal grey finish, the SD-YR2540HXC Automatic Breadmaker from Panasonic (£239.99) caters for all lifestyles and dietary needs – it even has four gluten-free programmes. It has 32 automatic programmes and can create pizza doughs, brioche, sourdough starters, compotes and more. It also has new manual modes for your own customised recipes, two sensors for perfect dough and a raisin/nut dispenser.

Read maker with artisan breads and wooden boards on worktop

Photo: Panasonic

7. Steamer

Transform the way you cook healthy meals with the Intellisteam Plastic Food Steamer from Morphy Richards (£149.99), which cooks all the elements of a nutritious meal in one appliance. It locks in nutrients and flavour, with all ingredients ready at the same time. It has a multi-programmable timer and three compartments. It’s also available in a premium stainless steel and brushed finish for £149.99.

Kitchen gadgets vegetable steamer in white kitchen with chicken and sweet potato

Photo: Morphy Richards

8. Hand mixer

All aspiring bakers need a hand mixer in their kitchen gadget armoury. The compact, retro-looking Smeg mixer design (£149.95) is small but powerful, meaning you can easily slot it into your existing kitchen cupboard space. The 250W of power are perfect for whipping cream, mixing up batters and making small batches of dough. Included with the mixer are three attachments: wire whisks, beaters and dough hooks.

Red smeg hand mixer in kitchen with sugar in bowl and eggs

Photo: SMEG

9. Slow cooker

The slow cooker has been a kitchen stalwart for years. It’s a must-have for casserole fans, and those who like to put dinner on in the morning and come home to a hot dinner that’s ready to go. Also, cooking low-and-slow makes for tender meat and unctuous dishes that are sure to please. GreenPan’s 6L slow cooker (£200) has a removable, PFAS-free ceramic non-stick cooking pan and tempered glass lid so you can keep an eye on progress.

best kitchen gadgets: Greenpan slow cooker

Photo: Greenpan

10. Rice cooker

If you want fuss-free perfect rice every time, then a rice cooker is the kitchen gadget for you. Lakeland’s digital rice cooker (£49.99) has white and brown rice settings, and a porridge setting, as well as delay and keep-warm functions. It has a removable, lockable lid with a steam vent and built-in handle, removable cooking pan and condensation reservoir. Just add one cup of white rice and one cup of water and you’ll have rice for two in no time.

Lakeland rice cooker

Photo: Lakeland

11. Combi oven

Perfect for small kitchens, an additional oven in busy kitchen or for fast, energy-efficient cooking for just one or two people, a combi oven is a great little kitchen addition. Reaching 180˚C in just six minutes, the 22-litre capacity Dualit Mini Oven (£149.99) has multiple cooking functions, including bake, grill and defrost. It also comes with an oven tray, rack and pizza pan, plus a removable crumb/drip tray.


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