Keep ingredients fresh for longer with advanced food preservation technology from Haier

By Hayley Gilbert

With barbecue season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to think about whether your current fridge freezer is up to the job of keeping your ingredients in optimum condition for longer.

Whether you’re upgrading your current appliance for a more energy efficient model or are planning to purchase a new fridge freezer for a kitchen extension or refit, combine an elegant design with advanced food preservation technology for the ultimate solution.

Haier’s Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer is a multi-door design with advanced food preservation technology as well as a handy drinks and ice dispenser. Stylish and elegant, it’s ideal for all kitchens, giving any space a premium look and feel.

(Haier’s Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer)

Fresher Techs

The Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer is the latest launch from Haier, the number one global major appliance brand. Measuring 90cm wide by 180cm in height, this appliance perfectly combines technological innovation with a refined, elegant design. Its innovative Fresher Techs advanced food preservation features exclusive ABT® Pro technology, removing up to 99.99% of bacteria both in the fridge and freezer, ensuring your fresh and frozen food is always stored in the best and safest way, keeping it fresh for longer. This not only helps to reduce food waste but it also saves money on food shopping, too.

Drinks and ice dispenser

Perfect for those hot summer months ahead, the  Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer also comes with a handy drinks and ice dispenser with Absolute Ice for pure, odourless ice free from any cross-contamination with any of the other fridge compartments thanks to its independent cooling system.

(Haier’s Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer)

Advanced food preservation

Keeping food fresh for longer has many benefits. Not only does it mean all your ingredients are safe to eat for a longer period, but it also preserves flavours and nutrients and prevents food from being wasted and sent to landfill. This will enable you to shop and eat more sustainably, keeping your shopping bill down too, as you’ll be doing a food shop less often.

The Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer has a special Humidity Zone drawer to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for twice as long. This is thanks to the Humidity Control System technology, which keeps the internal humidity stable at 90%.

There’s also a MyZone feature, where you can adjust the drawer’s temperature according to your day to day storage needs with a simple touch of a button.

(Haier’s Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer)

Flexible food storage

This innovative fridge freezer also has a Switch Zone, that allows you to switch from -18˚C to 5˚C with the touch of a button, so you can use this zone as a fridge or freezer depending on your needs. Perfect for storing all those barbecue bits and party platters this summer.

Touch display

Haier’s refrigeration comes with many premium design features such as touch display, which allows you to control the temperature and features from the exterior of the appliance, avoiding opening the door unnecessarily and wasting energy.

Anti-fingerprint finish

Ideal for families and busy kitchens, the Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer also benefits from an anti-fingerprint finish, as well as cantilevered shelves that can be height adjusted to suit your needs.

(Haier’s Cube 90 Series 7 fridge freezer)

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