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Hygienic dishwashers and gesture-controlled extractors: best buys for a clean kitchen

March 1, 2021

These hygienic dishwashers and gesture-controlled extractors will help keep your kitchen germ free



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Throughout the pandemic, we’ve all upped our game to help prevent the spread of germs in the home. Antibacterial cleaning products and frequent wiping and washing have become second nature. Now a range of hygienic dishwashers and touch-free extractors is taking cleanliness to a whole new level to help keep us healthy.

Battle harmful bacteria

During the past year, we’ve adjusted to a new way of living, including adopting a more thorough approach to hygiene in the kitchen. Improving ventilation and reducing contact with surfaces are two important ways we can halt the spread of harmful bacteria. As a result, manufacturers have been busy creating products with practical and sanitary features. Touch-free controls, effective air extraction and hygiene-wash dishwashers are key developments to look out for when considering a purchase.

angle to show slimline profile of CDA EXG60BL extractor

Image: CDA

Wave hello to gesture control

CDA has been looking at ways to reassure homeowners and have created a new range of kitchen appliances to help keep you healthy. Its stylish EXG60 and EXG90 gesture-control extractors can be activated by a simple wave of the hand. The high-tech, touch-free controls not only prevent the chance of viruses and bacteria being passed around, but save you using floury, sticky or greasy hands.

hand touching black glass CDA EXG60BL extractor

Image: CDA

With a discreet, smart angled black glass design, available in 60 and 90cm sizes, the extractors have an effective extraction rate of 619m3/h and can also be operated by touch. Need to ventilate the room after dinner? Choose the boost setting to clear food odours from the air.

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Image: CDA

Genius hygienic dishwashers

CDA has also pushed the boundaries of dishwashing technology to ensure kitchen utensils are spotless. Its new range features a blend of bacteria blasting hygiene wash features. These include a high temperature setting that eliminates 99.9999 per cent of bacteria, a heavy soil lifting steam cleaning wash, and a powerful Aquazone cycle which uses a greater pressure for an enhanced deep clean.

CDA CDI6371 black dishwasher with door ajar

Image: CDA

With two other specialist modes that ensure the spray reaches grime deep inside cookware, these new hygienic dishwashers have an armoury of sanitary settings to eliminate dirt and bacteria.

Find out more about CDA’s range of gesture-controlled extractors and hygienic dishwashers at www.cda.eu/extractors and www.cda.eu/dishwashers.

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