Halloween decoration ideas – plastic-free sustainable styles

Halloween is just around the corner, and now’s the time to turn your home into a suitably spooky haunted house. But rather than splash out on throwaway plastic decorations, celebrate in a more eco way this year with our guide to the best Halloween decoration ideas.

And the best thing is, all of these products would look stylish in your home all year round. So there’s no need to pack everything away again and find storage space around the house until next October. And you certainly won’t want to throw any of these products away. With these products, you can match your front porch’s Autumn decoration, continuing the theme from outside to inside.

To create a truly terrifying atmosphere inside and outside your home, opt for smart lighting.

Creepy glow

With a range of lighting options from Philips Hue, you can turn your home into a ghoulish graveyard, witch’s den or monster’s mansion. Or find your own preferred Halloween hue from 16 million colour shades, all controlled through your phone via Bluetooth through Alexa or Google Nest.

To turn your front garden into a cemetery, you just need some cardboard, spray paint and Philips Lily spot lights. Place the lights between headstones to cast light and shadows onto your spine-tingling display.

Illuminate your front path with the Outdoor Lightstrip to set an ominous tone for trick or treaters. Choose from one of millions of colours to creep out Halloween visitors: orange, purple or green are our picks.

Or pop a portable Hue Go inside a decorative pumpkin, and set it to a creepy glow or the Hue Labs Candlelight scene.

Pumpkin with Philips Hue Go inside lit up
Image Credit: Philips Hue

Ghoulish green

There’s no need to buy any single-use plastic decorations when you can switch a standard light bulb for a 4lite smart bulb. Pick any room in your home, and instantly light it up in ghoulish green, pumpkin orange or vampire red.

Using smart light settings, you can schedule your bulb to switch on at a set time or when the sunsets. Pair it with a motion sensor so your home lights up automatically when someone approaches your front door or flash green when someone presses your Ring doorbell.

4lite’s smart bulbs can be controlled from your smartphone or via voice-activated devices including Alexa, Google Home and Siri with no need for a home hub.

“Smart lights come into their own when you want to have a bit of fun whether it’s setting a cosy vibe on a dull evening, injecting a splash of colour or to go all out for Halloween with an eerie haunted house,” says Katie Georgeson of 4lite.

“The looks you can create range from stunning all the way to downright spooky and you can fine tune it all to your heart’s content.”

4lite green smart bulb living room
Image Credit: 4lite

Haunting display

Smart lighting brand Twinkly can help you create a haunting Halloween display.

Extend Twinkly Strings across your garden to illuminate traditionally carved pumpkins scattered across the grass. Use the free Twinkly app to customise your lights through a range of scary pre-set effects and animations, created especially for the spooky season.

Or hang the Twinkly Curtain in front of your window and set the lighting to purple and green for that perfect Halloween glow.

Scary movie

Add a touch of horror with one of these vintage movie posters. The posters are hand-framed in sustainable, hard wood, and you can choose from five different colour frames or no frame.

Take your pick from a horror classic like The Shining, Psycho or The Anatomy of a Murder.The Shining poster shown below costs £720 framed. It’s an original British film poster, designed for the display cases outside the cinema at the time of the film’s initial release.

The poster has been conservation linen-backed, to clean up any discolouration or damage from over time.

Shining original cinema poster
Image credit: King & McGaw

Banish nightmares

Epitomising our eco-friendly theme, Terrys’ range of Halloween products are durable, sustainable and budget-friendly. You can use them to mark Halloween for years to come.

As Gareth Coxall, Marketing and Creative Director at Terrys, explains:
“We know it’s tempting to purchase the single-use plastic pumpkins and other bits the supermarkets stock, but they inevitably end up in the bin come November. Investing in a spooky set of bedding or a selection of creepy cushions will ensure you can rely on your decorations every year, without contributing to the enormous waste generated around the spooky season.”

Duvet sets depicting Day of the Dead, Skulls and Tufted Pumpkins cost £15.59 for a single and £47.32 for a double. Velvet cushions in rich jewel hues cost £15.13. You’ll be tempted to use these stylish, quality bedding sets and cushions all year round, not just as Halloween decorations.

Bad Witch velvet cushion
Image credit: David Ludlow/Terrys

Spooky scheme

This gothic-themed wallpaper shows that Halloween themes are definitely not just for 31 October.

Since launching its Diablo wallpaper last October, it has become a best-seller at deisgn studio Bobbi Beck. The wallpaper’s popularity shows that the gothic trend is long-lasting and suited for any room and time of year.

Creative Director at Bobbi Beck, James Mellan-Matulewicz, says, “We nearly didn’t launch Diablo because we thought it might be a bit too niche. To our surprise, it began selling within days of us launching it. In just less than a year, we have sold thousands of rolls to hundreds of customers and Diablo is now our most popular wallpaper pattern.”

Proof that ‘gothcore’ isn’t a fast fashion fad or quick Halloween makeover, and an ideal way to add a spooky touch to a feature wall or room.

Diablo is available in eight different colours, priced from £75 per roll.

Halloween Diablo wallpaper
Image credit: Bobbi Beck

Witches brew

If you’re a Cornwall fan, you may already recognise the iconic stripy mugs from Cornishware. But forego the traditional blue and white stripe for orange or black, and these mugs are ideal for a Halloween brew.

Choose from three sizes – 10oz, 12 oz or 15oz – pick orange or black, and you can even personalise your mug with your spooky message.

For a standard orange and white stripe 10oz mug it’s £16, 12oz is £18, while 15oz is £20. If you want the mug personalised, it’s an additional £7. Items are made to order in Cornishware’s pottery in the South West and sent in a beautiful stripy gift box.

With or without the spooky phrase, this will brighten up your morning tea or coffee any time of year.

Devilish dining

If you plan to do some Halloween baking, Peugeot Saveurs has the ideal dish. Choose from various-sized ramekins, baking or oven dishes, in aubergine, black or red to create a terrifying table layout. And for that final ghoulish touch, add salt and pepper mills in aubergine, passion red, black or pistachio.

Pictured are the Appolia 36cm rectangular ceramic baking dish (£47.99) and the Paris manual wooden salt and pepper mills in Aubergine Gloss (£42.99 and 52.99 respectively).

Peugeot purple homeware - salt and pepper mills, and an oven dish

Pumpkin patch

Autumn is the ideal season for a heart-warming soup or casserole. If you want to add a Halloween vibe to your meal, the STAUB Pumpkin Cocotte is ideal. The cast iron dish can be served straight to the table for a Halloween-themed meal, but will look lovely any time of year.

The Original STAUB 24cm Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotteis available in Cinnamon priced £299.00.

Or if you prefer a more budget-friendly option, there’s theSTAUB 15cm Ceramic Pumpkin Cocotte, currently reduced by 33% to £19.95, in Cinnamon or down 23% to £22.95 in Black. Perfect for serving up sweets for trick or treaters, and post-Halloween, cook your favourite savoury dishes. The ceramic pumpkin is easy to clean and suitable for microwave, oven and dishwasher.

Dinner by candlelight

For the perfect Halloween table setting, add some orange candles. These Terracotta dinner candles from St Eval are hand-drawn and come in a box of six candles. Each candle can burn for up to 10 hours, and they’re unscented, so won’t overpower your meal with fragrance.

St Eval is B Corp Certified and traditionally makes candles on its Cornwall farm. So, it is an ideal way to mark Halloween and be kind to the environment.

St Eval Terracota Dining Candles

Creepy coffee

If you’re in the market for a new coffee machine, the orange KBG Select filter coffee machine from Moccamaster could fit the bill. Showcasing a retro design, the machine is handmade in Holland with sustainable materials and comes in a range of fantastic colours, including a Halloween-themed orange.

Priced at £239 from Robert Dyas.

Hot Halloween

The Everhot range cooker will certainly warm up your Halloween celebrations. These cookers offer energy-efficien heat storage and are hand-built in Everhot’s carbon-negative factory in the Cotswolds.

Everhot electric range cookers are available in seven sizes and 20 colours to suit any kitchen design. But the Tangerine is our pick, adding a Halloween-friendly orange glow to your cooking station.

The Everhot 60 range cooker is priced from £7,095. At 600mm wide, it’s a great choice for the smaller kitchen, and will fit a standard 600mm wide cooker space.

Or splash out on the Everhot 150i range cooker. This has three independently controlled ovens for roasting, baking and slow cooking. Plus there’s an additional plate warming oven, cast iron hot and simmer plates, and a three-zone induction hob. The EVERHOT 150i costs from £13,360.