Kitchen worktop with smart filter tap

Get the perfect combination with a BLANCO Smart Tap

April 15, 2021

Looking for a new boiling water tap?


BLANCO’s semi-professional 4-in-1 design is truly a game changer. With innovative functions including a unique integrated measuring feature, and finished in luxurious stainless PVD steel, the EVOL-S Pro is specifically designed to make modern kitchen life easier.

Kitchen worktop with smart filter tap


Complete control

Delivering standard hot and cold water via a flexible spout that features a magnetic mount and dual spray push-button controls, the EVOL-S Pro also perfectly dispenses PH- balanced cold filtered or 100⁰C boiling filtered water at the touch of a button. With an intuitive measuring function, activated by its unique rotary control and measuring dial that lets you select cold filtered or true boiling filtered water, you can then precisely set the volume you need. The cleverly engineered touch-control initiates the flow and delivers the selected amount of water through a second, safe-to-touch insulated spout via a controlled anti-spray stream.

Whether it’s cold water for the perfect pastry recipe, boiling water for your early morning coffee or filling a saucepan for pasta, the EVOL-S Pro is ideal when you need exactly the right amount of filtered water – the measuring function saving you water and the specification-busting system saving you both energy and money.

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Now for the science bit…

Both filtered boiling and cold water are processed through a BWT multi-stage system, the water being filtered no less than five times as it travels through the cartridge on its way to the tap or the hot water tank, purifying mains water by reducing limescale and removing metal content and other particles that can cause bad tastes and odours.

The advanced technology also includes a built-in digital flowmeter that monitors the lifespan of the cartridge and alerts you when a replacement is required.

The EVOL-S Pro features a 4-litre titanium hot water tank, which is stronger, more hygienic and will not corrode like stainless steel and copper can. This means you can wave goodbye to overfilling or reboiling the kettle, but also, importantly, to compromising on water quality. Whatever your interior taste or lifestyle, having the EVOL-S Pro at the heart of your kitchen will make life simpler and easier in style.

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