Get the gold standard in drying efficiency with Haier

With the cold and rain that comes at this time of the year, you rely on your tumble dryer to dry clothes and laundry as well as protect and care for fabrics.

All this tumble dryer use can make you worry about the energy cost but this is where a top-of-the-range energy-efficient model can not only dry clothes to perfection but also ease concerns over rocketing bills.

Haier’s A+++ rated I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer is the perfect solution, as its high energy rating means that you can save over £6,000 in energy costs over its lifetime – significantly more than the market average of £4,699. This huge saving is based on the 9kg appliance and has seen this tumble dryer awarded the gold standard by independent energy organisation Youreko.

Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer

A+++ rated for energy

Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer has been engineered to deliver maximum efficiency without compromising on results. Energy ratings are given to dryers according to their efficiency and this A+++ appliance is top rated.

Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer

Heat pump technology and how it works

Haier, the number one global appliance brand for 15 consecutive years, is at the forefront of technological advancement in the smart home.

This dryer cleverly uses heat pump technology to conserve heat inside your dryer’s drum. This not only lowers energy consumption by up to 50% but it also ensures that your laundry is taken better care of compared to a regular dryer. As well as saving money on running costs, the lower energy consumption also means that you’re able to use more than one of your appliances simultaneously, saving you time.

What makes this dryer different

This tumble dryer is not only extremely energy efficient but it’s also packed with features that really set it apart. As well as an A+++ energy rating and professional results, the I-PRO Series 7 Plus can be app controlled via the hOn app for complete customisation, even remotely.

Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer

Haier hOn app

Thanks to the app control, this appliance allows you to manage your drying in a more innovative way. You’ll get a notification when the lightest clothes are dry, preventing over-drying and creasing, and you can select the perfect programme based on your wash cycle, spin cycle and the amount of laundry for tailor-made results, every time.

AI raises the bar further, allowing you to remotely manage the cycle. Together with the Haier hOn app, AI can automatically recognise the type of garment, the fabric and the size of the load to set the perfect drying cycle for your clothes.

What’s more, the combination of the hOn app and AI provides a precise system of notifications any time the appliance needs assistance. It also comes with a Drying Lens function that allows you to scan the labels on your clothes to create an in-app wardrobe that provides advice on the most suitable cycle for every garment.

Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer

Added benefits

As well as an A+++ rating, the hOn app and AI, Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus also comes with plenty of other advanced features to make life easier and take good care of your clothes.

The Haier I-Refresh function revitalises your fabrics thanks to the water stored in the drawer that creates warm, humid air and precisely adjusts the temperature inside the drum as well as the duration of the cycle to ensure the very best performance while taking care of your clothes.

3-in-1 filter and Hygienic programme

The new Haier in-door 3-in-1 filtering system with its triple layer design allows you to easily collect fluff, lint and fibres in a single place. The Hygienic function ensures a longer and better life for your clothing by eliminating more than 99% of bacteria.

Taking care of delicate items

Even the most delicate fabrics are cared for, as the tumble dryer drum has special pillow-shaped pads that allow fabrics to slip gently over their surface, preventing damage to your garments.

Time saving

The dryer also has a clever function that allows you to programme it to start the cycle at a time that suits you. And if you need to add extra time, the I-Time function can extend the drying time.

Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer

Expert engineering, unrivalled performance

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of this innovative dryer, expertly engineered inverter motors are built to last. The absence of carbon brushes vastly reduces friction, so there are less vibrations and more energy savings. What’s more, Haier offers a five-year guarantee on all its inverter motors.

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Haier’s I-PRO Series 7 Plus tumble dryer