utility room with shaker style cabinets, sink and windows

Get a feature-packed kitchen with timeless looks

February 15, 2021

Painted timber kitchens with bespoke touches


utility room with shaker style cabinets, sink and windows

Image: 1909

Kitchens are no longer just a place to cook food. Over the years they’ve become hubs for family and social life, a place to entertain and, increasingly, a style statement. But what’s vital in a kitchen is also its functionality, and 1909’s small but perfectly formed kitchen range marries those essential functions with beautiful form.

bright kitchen with navy and silver panelling and an island

Image: 1909

The end result is a kitchen that feels comfortable but transformative – a room you’ll be proud of,  but also one you’ll love to use every day.

drinks cabinet with glasses, gin and wine bottles

Image: 1909

Your kitchen, your way

1909 is a classic painted in-frame kitchen with a timeless and quintessentially British feel. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this beautiful collection of kitchen furniture introduces a classic aesthetic whilst meeting the demands of 21st century living.

boot room in house with coats, bags and bootsboot room in house with coats, bags and boots

Image: 1909

The core of the collection is a perennially popular Shaker kitchen, and also a more contemporary style called Slab. Both provide a versatile canvas that can be tweaked to your desire, whether it’s in term of handles, shelves and beading. That’s why 1909 adapts flexibly to any style of home. 1909’s extensive colour palette – including some go-to on-trend colours combined with classic shades – gives you even more options and freedom.

view from sitting room through to shaker-style kitchen

Image: 1909

Stunning storage

Take your new kitchen to an even higher level when you explore the ingenious storage solutions that 1909 can produce. Want a dramatic kitchen island that doubles up with shelving? Perhaps a utility room so you can create a perfect place for life’s chores? And how about a beautiful bar or gin cabinet that folds away snugly? 1909’s experts can help you achieve whatever you want.

wooden kitchen larder opened up

Image: 1909

1909 kitchens are available from a network of trusted, independent retailers nationwide. Right across Britain, 1909 design specialists would love to talk to you about all the exciting possibilities for your new kitchen.

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