Written by Jennifer Turner

Discover smart ovens packed with the latest functions

This new oven collection combines style with modern technology and functionality for effortless cooking and cleaning.


grey kitchen with marble worktop and seating

Image: The CDA Group

Whether it’s self-cleaning, energy efficiency or steam functions, we want more from our ovens than ever before. A brand new range delivers with features galore…

Built for today’s kitchens

two integrated ovens next to house plants

Image: The CDA Group

With so many of us spending more time at home than we’re used to, our kitchens have never been more important. Then again, kitchens have increasingly been the heart and soul of the home anyway. A place for families to gather before school and work, at the end of the day over a meal, as a place to entertain friends.

Which is why oven technology has kept pace with this social change, reflecting the amount of time we spend in our kitchens and the demands we make on our appliances. CDA’s new SL oven range delivers all the functions that we desire these days.

Performance and style

blue shaker style kitchen with integrated appliances

Image: The CDA Group

The SL collection welcomes you to your kitchen with a combination of sleek, good looking ovens that really perform. The SL100SS, for example, is a built-in electric oven that has six shelf positions for maximum cooking control, anti-tilt shelving – ideal when removing heavy casserole dishes or roasting tins – and a spacious 77 litre cooking capacity.

The SL300 comes in both stainless steel and black versions, giving you flexibility in terms of your kitchen’s look. Both boast thirteen functions, touch control clock and timer, soft-close doors and telescopic shelves.

Families first

front of an integrated oven

Image: The CDA Group

CDA have designed this range with all kinds of users in mind, including families. That means safety is paramount, but so is capacity and cleaning. The SL100, 200 and 300 have easy-clean enamel interiors, while the SL400 has a combination of grease-absorbing catalytic liners and a steam clean mode to make maintenance a doddle.

There are also several pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens in the collection, perfect for those with busy lives. This function uses heat alone to banish dirt, meaning you don’t have to apply chemicals.

This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of the range’s features, with other performance elements such as preset recipes, temperature probes and steam for baking perfect bread all on offer too. It’s a collection that aims to make using your kitchen a dream. Discover more onthe CDA website.